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    Eskil Månsson Nord

    Hey, I’m using Blazingfast.io, 1gb ram for $10/mo, is this enough? It’s a cloud hosted service, what is the differences compared to VPS? My landing pages load on average 1.2s is this low enough? Or should I invest 4-6x ($40-60) to get it faster?

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    Zygmunt Biela

    Hey mate

    Am i doin things right if I have to set everything up on digital ocean starting from ssh configuration, ajenti installation etc etc. or there is a simple way to install some kind of soft and just upload landing pages into the directories? I have never heard anyone on forums asking about this type of VPS problem

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      Affiliate Ninja Club

      Hello Zygmunt. Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t get your question completely. Digital ocean is a Cloud hosting not VPS. If you just want to host html landing pages on your server then simply host the domain and upload the html files to the directory. If you want to host landing pages on a wordpress site then install the apps for wordpress site.If you have any other queries just let me know.


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