Starting Point

Everybody starts their online journey at some point of time. There are various online program through which you can earn money but affiliate marketing has the biggest cash pool. There is no limit of amount you can make through affiliate marketing. If you are new to affiliate marketing then this post is just like a index for you. Learning affiliate marketing can be overwhelming but you a need proper flow of process to start smoothly without getting puzzled. Newbie’s always get confused about where to start and how to organize everything to start their very first campaign.The checklist & resources mentioned below will help you to get started with your affiliate marketing journey.

Things you need to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey:-

  • Affiliate Networks:- List of affiliate networks.
  • Tracker :- List of free and paid tracker software and sites.
  • Hosting :- List of reliable Hosting.
  • Traffic Source :- List of traffic source.
  • Proxy:- You will definitely need it.
  • Forums:- To gather more knowledge. Some are paid and some are free.

 Affiliate Networks

These are the list of network I work very closely. All of them are very nice reputed CPA network. So, you can start with them without any hesitation.

General CPA Network

  • Wowtrk:- If you are looking for great offers(specially dating) then you can check out this network. They are easy to join, have great offers and excellent payouts, very low payout threshold(£25.00). Click Here to Join.
  • Adcombo:- Adcombo is a great new innovative CPA network. They have really friendly and helpful affiliate managers (AM) who work closely with both the publishers and advertisers. Click Here to Join.
  • Peerfly:- One of the most newbie friendly CPA network. Its very easy to get and very trustworthy network too. This is where every newbie starts their journey. Click here to join.
  • Maxbounty:- Its one of the best CPA network, very hard to get it but has loads of high converting offers along with mobile, web and pay per call.
  • Clickdealer:- Its a very strong network and has a huge list of offer along with mobile, web and pay per call. Click here to join.
  • Ads4dough:- Its one of the oldest and very reputed CPA network. Click here to join.
  • MundoMedia:- It is also one of the best CPA network and has all kind of offers like mobile, web and pay per call. with great payout. Click here to join.
  • Society Invite:- Its a private CPA network and very nice network. You need an invitation code to apply, so shoot me a message to get your code.
  • Adsimilis:- Its a Netherlands company and one of the best network regarding payout and conversion. Click here to join.

Mobile CPA Network


Tracking software’s are designed to help digital marketers with a dashboard and tool for tracking, analyzing, optimizing and scaling out digital marketing campaigns of all size. It also helps in split testing campaigns and optimizing it for greater ROI. Earlier there were just self hosted tracking software but nowadays, we have third party web based tracking solution with cutting edge technology to collect and track almost all kind of data necessary to optimize and scale up the campaigns. Below are the list of tracking solutions which you can choose and use for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

  • Adsbridge:- Adsbridge is another next generation tracking software. It is also web based tracking system. It has all the features which Voluum has but few additional features worth mentioning are its landing page builder and slip testing system.When it comes to pricing, it has free package and its paid packages are cheaper. It’s still in beta test and the data and reporting are not that accurate as volume. Some of the landing pages are still buggy. Since, they are new so they will modify a lot to cope up to the industry. But again it has free package and landing page builder, so its worth giving it a try.Click here to signup on Adsbridge.
  • Voluum:- Voluum is the most technologically advanced cloud based tracking software available in the market so far. Its has got amazing features and support both web and mobile with a very user friendly dashboard panel. It provides real time reporting and almost accurate data. Click here to signup on Voluum.
  • Prosper202:- Its a completely free self-hosted tracking software. Everything is fine with this software but the data gathered and shown are incorrect and missing data is a very common thing. Though its completely free but its not available for download directly on their site. Prosper202 is available for download via their official Prosper202 hosting partners and any host that has the Softaculous Auto Installer for Prosper202 available. Click here for more details.
  • CPVlab:- It is also a self hosted tracking software but not free at all. It has many advanced features than Prosper202 and almost more accurate data. It allows diversity, more rotation option on split testing and that is the reason, it is so popular among most of the affiliate marketers. It costs around $297(one-time) and $147 for updates per year which is optional. But the very important thing about CPVlab is that, it need a VPS to be hosted for effective error free performance. Idle solution for CPVlab is Hostwinds VPS (Send a mail to get 25% off discount coupon) or Liquidweb VPS. Click here to buy CPVlab.


Hosting is one of the crucial part of internet marketing. You need it for almost everything from landing pages to host self-hosted tracker. The speed and uptime of the server also can effect your campaigns. So a reliable fast hosting is must for all internet marketers.

If you are trying to host landing pages and self-hosted tracking software like Prosper202 or CPVlab then i would recommend VULTR(get $50 Joining Bonus)Hostwinds or Liquidweb. Cloud based VPS server are idle for internet marketing as they are incredibly fast.

Traffic Source

Check the complete list of Traffic Source


Proxies are very much necessary in affiliate marketing. You need proxies to check the offer url page depending on the geo location. Proxies also help in spying your competitors. There are lot more usefulness of proxies, which you can figure out while you are working on your campaign.

The best and cheapest proxy software is Zenmate VPN. Zenmate is very cheap and gives you proxies from almost all countries. It is by far the best and cheapest solution for affiliate marketers.


There are many affiliate marketing forums from where you can learn all about affiliate marketing. Maximum are free but some are private and paid membership forum. I will list the forums according to my preferences and would also mention what they offer.

  • AffLift Forum: – This is a brand new forum wned and operated by Luke Kling, the Direct of Marketing for PeerFly, one of the top affiliate networks in the world. One of the best place to learn affiliate markating from all of their exclusive case-studies, guides.
  • AffiliateFix Forum :- This is one of the best affiliate marketing forum i have seen so far. Its the ideal place for newbie’s and professionals. Its a very active forum and with lots of overwhelming valuable information. The first most noteworthy thing about this is that the owner of this forum K is a very generous, friendly, helping and active person. He takes care of every single member on forum personally which is not seen so often. The second most important thing about this forum is that all the members here are very helping and friendly. Maximum of the top CPA networks, Traffic source owners/representatives are present and are always willing to help others. Honestly, its my second home and i do love spending my time there.  I have started my journey on affiliatefix and now things are really going well for me.
  • Warrior Forum :- This is a very old affiliate marketing forum recently acquired by . I am member of this site but don’t like it that much. I just see it as a place where marketers sell old CPA strategy n guides and newbies fall for that. May be its a very big forum but not the same as affiliatefix. That’s my personal choice, others opinion might vary so don’t take my word for granted, just try it by yourself.
  • ABestWeb :- It another affiliate marketing forum but i am not into it much. I am neither a member or know anything about it. But if you want, you can join and try it out.


  • The Dojo :- The Dojo is the different section of Affiliatefix Forum which is a paid version of Affiliatefix forum and free member don’t have access to the resources listed on DOJO. It has amazing collection of valueable stuffs like, live case-study, landing pages, guides, tutorials ,  a section where the owner K help others to get accepted into CPA network to expedite their network application process and make sure they are accepted as early as possible and lots more. Its a one time payment unlike other sites where its a monthly subscription and is worth every single penny. That’s not all, you can get all the scripts of AffKit for free if you are a DOJO member which you can implement on your landing pages for better ROI. If you are still not a Dojo Member, then make sure you do and you wont ever regret that.

Note: The DOJO has been discontinued. For more Information check here.

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