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Hi there, I am Souvik Mallick and I run this blog Affiliate Ninja Club(ANC). At Affiliate Ninja Club, I try to share my knowledge and help others. So please share my posts and connect with me on social networking sites.

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    Ariel Camilo

    I believed that the speed of 1 second maximum is very well, but you say 250 ms, how to you manage that?

    my landings have more or less this speed and are hosted on RackSpace…


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      Souvik Mallick

      Hello Ariel,
      Thanks for dropping by your comments. 250 ms is ideal and a very good load time. From your screenshot I can only say that you need more optimization to reduce your load time. Here are some pointers to reduce landing page load time:
      1. Use compressed and optimized image. Use: https://compressor.io/compress
      2. Minify your html and css coding. Use: http://www.willpeavy.com/minifier/
      3. Use lesser number of javascripts & external request.

      The more optimized page you will have, the lesser will be the load time.

      Here is one of my mobile landing page speed test:

      Here is one of my desktop landing page speed test (The size of this page is 3 times than yours, and has 12 request and not 100% optimized but still has less than half load time than what you’ve mentioned)

      If you have any other queries just let me know.

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        Thank you for your time, your suggestions have helped me a lot, apart from that add a .htaccess and these are the results



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