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Paid Traffic Sources – 2019 Advertising Guide

Paid traffic sources
In affiliate marketing traffic is very crucial without which nobody can succeed. Without traffic, it’s like sailing a boat without water. There are basically two kind of traffic free and paid traffic. In this post we will mainly discuss about paid traffic sources.
Free Traffic: – These are the kind of traffic which is generated for free. There are many ways to get free traffic but the most proven source are organic traffic from search results by doing SEO and from social marketing from sites like facebook, youtube, pinterest, instagram etc. It sounds good but requires lot of hard work and patience as it can sometimes take even years to rank a site on page of search results. In affiliate marketing no offer last that long so free traffic in not an idle solution for affiliates. In fact, most of the successful affiliates don’t even bother waiting for so long and that is the reason all of them opt for paid traffic as its fast to get highly targeted traffic.
Paid traffic: – Paid traffic generally refers to buying traffic from advertising network. Paid traffic is highly targeted as an affiliate (advertiser on traffic sources) target their audience based on several factors and can place their advertisement on targeted sites. This helps in receiving laser targeted traffic fast and producing high quality conversion. Paid traffic can be classified into several category based on the type of advertisement, bidding model, type of traffic which is generated. Below is the complete list of paid traffic sources and its categorization.

List Of 86 Paid Traffic Sources – 2018 Advertisers Guide

PPC or pay-per-click is an internet advertising model which is charged for every click/visit which is sent to the advertiser’s website for related search query/keyword.

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Harness the power of social media by using paid social media ads through banners or text ads.

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Get started with your mobile marketing journey with these paid mobile traffic source.

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Pop up or pop under traffic are very cheap paid traffic sources. Very good for those who have limited budget for advertisement. Go to Pop Traffic Sources.

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Click and learn how you can benefit from domain redirect traffic.

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Know more about PPV Traffic Sources.

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If you want quick exposure then check out display advertising.
  • Google Display Network
  • BuySellAds
  • Adcash
  • Clicksor
  • AdMedia
  • Propeller Ads
  • Propel Media
  • Yes Advertising
  • Infolinks
Stay up-to date with the industry trends. Know more on native advertising.
  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Gravity
  • Nativo
  • TripleLift
  • Sharethrough
  • AdsNative
  • Nativo
  • Instinctive
  • Yahoo Native
  • Adblade
  • Zergnet
  • Mgid
  • Engageya
  • Ligatus
  • Dianomi
Go to retargeting to learn more.
  • Perfect Audience
  • AdRoll
  • ReTargeter
Simply skip to media buying to know more.
  • Matomy
  • CBS Interactive
  • Conversant (formerly known as ValueClick)
  • RhythmOne (formerly known as Burst Media)
  • Exponential (formerly known as Tribal Fusion)
  • Sovrn
  • Vibrant Media
  • Rocket Fuel
These are the list of adult traffic source to help you excel in adult market.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising Paid Traffic Sources

PPC or pay-per-click is an internet advertising model which is charged for every click/visit which is sent to the advertiser’s website for related search query/keyword. These ads are generally shown on search engines when a user types any query/keyword and searches for it. The advertisement with highest bids is shown alongside search results and when a user clicks on those ads, they are redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Google is the leading search engine on the net and acquires the highest volume of search market shares followed by bing, yahoo, ask & aol. All the search engines follow the pay-per-click advertisement model.

*“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Google Adwords: Google adwords is the advertising program which show keyword/query specific advertisement on Google search engine result pages and also on publisher’s websites which is affiliated with Google Adsense.

With over 63% of total search market share, Google Adwords is the most popular advertisement platform online due to immense amount highly targeted traffic. Supported advertising model by Google Adwords are CPC (Cost-per-click), CPM (Cost-per-impression), CPA (Cost-per-action), Re-targeting, Pay per call, Local ads etc.

  1. Google Adwords Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="4" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: Google Adwords is very competitive and the most expensive paid traffic source. They have very strict rules and are not affiliate friendly at all.

Bing Ads: Bing Ads from Microsoft is similar to Google Adwords. Bing now has 1/3rd of total US desktop search volume according to comScore but for rest of the countries the search volume is quite low. Generally, Bing can provide 1/10th of total Google search traffic (worldwide).
Even though the traffic volume is low on Bing Ads but the traffic quality if quite high and cheap as compare to Google Adwords. On top of that Bing Ads is very affiliate friendly.

  1. Bing Ads Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="5" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: Bing Ads has low and limited amount of traffic so it’s hard to scale any winning campaign much further.

Yahoo Gemini: Yahoo Gemini allows advertising on Yahoo which has over a billion of visits every month for search, news, email etc. Yahoo Gemini is a self-serving advertising solution and allows advertisers to harness the power of both search & native advertisement from one single interface. Search ads will appear on search results page and native ads will appear on and its networking sites.

  1. Yahoo Gemini Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="6" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: Like Google Adwords, Yahoo Gemini is picky and strict with their rules. They don’t approve almost every campaign like Bing ads. CPC is expensive too.

Baidu: Baidu is the popular Chinese search engine. Global search market share is very less but for china it has a total search market share of over 70%. Perfect advertising solution for Chinese audience.

Note: Very few traffic outside Chinese market.

Yandex Advertising: Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia and has a search market share of over 50%. It is not a self-serve advertising platform and has huge volume of traffic targeting only Russian audience. So, if you want to promote something on Russian market then Yandex can get you good traffic and it’s fairly cheap.

Note: Very few traffic outside Russian market and it’s not a self-serve advertising platform.

7Search: 7Search is an independent & transparent search advertisement network, which shows ads on it own search engines and network sites. It has its own audience and not dependent on other biggies like Google or Bing. CPC for keywords are really cheap and &search is transparent enough to show bidding position and everyone’s bid amount.

  1. 7Search Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="7" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: 7search traffic quality and volume isn’t that great. It’s really hard to get a winning campaign to make $50-$100 net profit/day. So if you want some serious sales then it’s not the right PPC ad network for you but if you want to learn PPC without losing much money then you can give it a try.

Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Planner: With this free tool inside your adwords account you can find highly relevant keywords for your campaign. It gives you a clear idea about search volume of each keyword on google search engine, the number of click it receives and its average cost per click.

Bing Keyword Tool: Very similar to the Google keyword planner, but everything here is related to bing and not google.

Long Tail Pro: The best paid keyword research tool. It is a very useful to find high volume keywords and saves lots of time.

Social Media Advertising Paid Traffic Sources

We all know the ever increasing popularity of social networking sites and the sheer amount of traffic they hold. With so many monthly active user’s and huge pool of traffic, social media is booming at the moment. No wonder why the ad spend on social media paid traffic is skyrocketing every year. Analysts predicted that in 2017 ad spends on social media sites worldwide is expected to reach $35.98 billion.

The main advantage of paid social media traffic is that advertisers can get advanced targeting options due to the user’s data collected by the social networking sites. It helps in creating brand awareness, getting more exposure with a growing audience and of course generating more revenue. Social media traffic is everything small business needs to grow. Below are the lists of best paid social media traffic source.

Facebook Ads: Facebook is the biggest social network site with over 1.79 billion active users and growing. Facebook ads also known as Facebook for business is the advertising platform of Facebook. Facebook ads really stand out of the rest advertising ad networks because of the huge amount of traffic and advance targeting option. Facebook not only allows targeting audience based on demographics but also on their interests which help is getting better conversions.

Search ad networks like Google & Bing has advance targeting options, but doesn’t allow targeting based on demographics, interests, behavior. That’s what makes Facebook ads unique with laser fine targeting option. Facebook ads don’t only help in getting clicks to website, but also help in branding, exposure, building audience base, helps in getting more installs for mobile apps, boosting fan page post and getting more engagement.

  1. Facebook Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="8" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: Facebook is super competitive just like Adwords so the prices can be steep. CPM/CPC pricing is directly related to the CTR, the higher the CTR the lower the price for CPM/CPC and vice-versa. It also depends on the demographics and targeting. Also make sure to go through Facebook Ads TOS because if you don’t comply by their advertisement guidelines then you are going to get your account banned.

Twitter Ads: Twitter is the biggest micro-blogging social platform with over 313 million active users. Twitter ads lets you advertise on twitter with promoted tweets, promoting accounts & promoted trends. Twitter advertisement perfectly suits for getting more engagement to the tweets, getting more clicks to website or app installs, getting more followers & gaining visibility.

Twitter has great traffic quality and it has fine demographic targeting option just like Facebook ads with recent inclusion of keyword targeting which makes it even better.

Youtube Ads: Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform currently owned by Google and has an Alexa rank of 2. So that means it’s the second most visited site on the internet. It is also the second largest search engine.

Youtube lets you advertise on Youtube through Google Adwords account. Advertisement formats for Youtube Ads supported are displays ads, Overlay ads, Skippable & Non-skippable video ads, banner ads and sponsored card. More details about Youtube Ad formatting can be found here.

Youtube has huge amount of traffic and the cost is cheap too. If you are into video marketing and want high quality traffic then Youtube ads should be your best choice.

Note: To make most out of Youtube ads, you need to have some killer videos. The better your videos will be the better engagement it will receive.

LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn is the most popular professional network with over 467 million accounts and among which 106 million are active users. LinkedIn ads have 2 ad formats Sponsored updates and text ads with CPC/CPM bidding model.

Like Facebook and Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads has advance targeting option and allows you to target audience by their job title, industry, profession etc. The only drawback of LinkedIn ads is that they are costly and its minimum CPC is $2, but it works great for B2B marketing.

Note: Very expensive social media traffic source and very hard to get profitable with limited budget unless every lead’s life time value is very high.

Instagram for Business: As you know Instagram is the most popular photo sharing website and currently owned by Facebook. It now has around 600 million active users. Though it’s not as big as Facebook, but it’s growing rapidly.

Instagram for business lets you advertise on Instagram. Support ad formats are image ads, video ads and carousel ads. You can create Instagram ads from your Facebook account.

Pinterest Ads: Pinterest is a social networking site where majority of the users are female. To be very specific pinterest has around 80% female users. Pinterest allows you to advertise with promoted pins. You need a US business account to get started with Pinterest Ads. Pinterest isn’t accepting advertising from any other country.

Note: Since most of the users are female, so business/products targeting women does well on Pinterest.

Stumbleupon Ads: Stumbleupon ads are basically full page website ads. It is just like a native advertising platform which doesn’t require any ad units like banners or text links. It simply means that your webpage is your ad unit.

Stumbleupon ads work on CPV (Cost per view) pricing model and allow you to target your audience by age, gender, interests, location and device. You can also earn free traffic to your webpage through your paid ads, if your content receives thumbs up and shares.

Note: Stumbleupon traffic quality isn’t that great and has high bounce rate. You really need to have a great content which is likely to be shareable.

Reddit Ads: Reddit is a popular social news site with over 234 million unique users. It gets around 542 million monthly visitors and 82.54 billion pageviews.

Reddit allows two types of advertising programs self-served and managed. Self-served ads only allows to advertise ‘sponsored headline’ while managed ads allows you to advertise through banner, mobile and video ads. There aren’t any targeting options available except the sub-reddit.

Tumblr Business: Tumblr is one of the popular micro-blogging platform with over 500 million users, which is currently owned by Yahoo. Yahoo acquired Tumblr for s sum of $1.1 billion in the year 2013. As per the report Tumblr hosts around 334.1 million blogs and gets an average 555 million monthly visitors.

Tumblr lets you advertise through sponsored posts, videos, day & carousel. It’s a perfect fit for brand exposure.

Self-Serve: No

Minimum Spend: Unknown

Minimum CPC: Unknown

Tumblr Business: Sign Up

Mobile Paid Traffic Sources

It’s a mobile era and mobile industry in expanding every year. People love to spend their time on mobile than on computer. Thanks to the smartphones and tables for making life easier with better connectivity. Advertisements also take a huge leap and didn’t miss out the chance to tap into the huge pool of mobile traffic. With mobile advertisement you can show your banner ads, text ads or multi-media video ads through mobile apps or websites. You can also send push notifications from some networks which allow such service.

InMobi: InMobi has a huge inventory and tons of high quality traffic. They have 1.5 billion plus unique mobile device access and receive over 200 billion ad request monthly. They also have over 32000 publisher apps which produce tons of traffic.

InMobi does have different tracking option but don’t have any dynamic tokens for tracking and optimization except the campaign ID and creative ID which is one of its drawbacks. So that means you have to have a very good budget to get InMobi working for you.

AirPush: Airpush is a mobile traffic source which has different ad formats and huge amount of traffic. Supported ad formats by Airpush are abstract banners, abstract banners with video, HD video abstract, banner ads, push ads, icon ads, video ads, appwall ads, dialogue ads, landing page ads, rich-media ads & overlay ads.

One of the best things about AirPush is that they have good volume of traffic and that too at a cheaper price. The only drawback is their slow campaign approval time and lack of faster support. They also provide Good dynamic tracking tokens for proper tracking and optimization.

  1. AirPush Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="15" class="hover-col1 "]

StartApp: StartApp is a mobile ad network which helps in user acquisition and lead generation though in-app promotion. They have around 1.4 billion active users. Supported ad formats are App Icon, Full Page Ads, InApp Ads, Interstitial & Video. They have CPA, CPC, CPI & CPM pricing model.

StartApp also uses smart targeting for better results in term of advertising. They have a very nice user interface and use all necessary analytics and managing tool.

  1. StartApp Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="16" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you are looking for exposure and want high quality leads then you can get started with StartApp ad network.

BuzzCity: Buzzcity is one of the oldest mobile ad networks and its user interface is back dated too. Buzzcity allows banner and text mobile ads with CPC & CPM pricing model. Their traffic volume isn’t that huge and most of their traffic is from Asian and African geos.

Recently Buzzcity has migrated all their adult publishers to Reporo network so that means they won’t have any adult from now onwards. It also lacks good targeting option.
Pricing Model: CPC & CPM

  1. BuzzCity Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="17" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you want traffic from Asian and African geos then you can give it a go. Now they won’t allow dating/adult campaigns as all of their adult publishers are migrated to Reporo ad network.

MillennialMedia: MillennialMedia is a mobile display ad network which is currently owned by AOL. It is an RTB network and has most of its traffic coming from US & Canada. Currently they have around 190 million unique US users and 580 million global users.

MillennialMedia is a bit expensive as compared to other RTB networks, but their traffic quality is quite high. They allow CPC and CPM pricing model.

  1. MillennialMedia Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="18" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: MillennialMedia traffic is expensive and you need to have a good budget. If you are looking for US and Canada traffic, then you can try this ad network.

Go2Mobi: It has a very clean interface and is also a real-time optimization network. Supported Ad formats by Go2Mobi are banner ads, video ads, rich-media ads and mobile native ads. There traffic is also cheaper as compared to other RTB networks.

Go2Mobi allows only CPM pricing model and they have very good targeting options. They also provide good number of dynamic tracking tokens for proper tracking and optimization of campaign.

  1. Go2Mobi Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="19" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: The traffic is cheap and if you want to test out mobile campaigns Go2Mobi can be the perfect traffic source. It’s a very nice ad network and can bring great ROI on some campaigns.

Tapjoy: Tapjoy is a mobile CPI ad network. It’s an incentive app install service intend at helping advertisers grow their install numbers on their apps. Since the install nature is incentive, so the quality is low which leads to certain percentage of apps uninstall.

Tapjoy follows a pay-per install pricing model and you will be charged every time an install and required action is complete. They also allow a feature called ‘Reconnect’ where the user will revisit your app and perform your specified action.

Note: If you want to grow your app’s user base, then you can use this ad network for incentive app installs. But don’t promote CPA offers which have high retention restrictions because you won’t be able to maintain the retention rate.

MobiCow: Mobicow is the mobile ad network, which allows full screen mobile pop up ads and was formed in 2011. They are completely mobile ad network and gets around 100 million plus monthly visitors.

Mobicow also support in-depth targeting by country, city, device, vendor, OS & carriers. They work on CPM pricing model, where the highest bidder gets most of the traffic.

  1. MobiCow Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="20" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you are new into mobile networking then you can test the waters with this network. Its traffic volume isn’t huge and hard to scale a campaign. Its traffic quality is quite low.

Reporo: Reporo is an adult mobile ad network which receives estimated 16 billion impressions every month. They have publishers directly integrated and have a good global reach. Supported ad formats are Adhesion, Banners, Interstitial & PopUnder.

Reporo also allows good targeting options and you can target by Carrier, Day, Device, Geo, IP, Keyword, Language, OS, Remarketing, Site/Zone & Time. They also provide dynamic tracking tokens for proper tracking and optimization.

  1. Reporo Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="21" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you are looking for high quality and converting adult traffic then you can give Reporo a try. Their traffic converts well for casino, gaming, betting, adult & dating.

Leadbolt: Leadbolt is an in-app advertising & user acquisition high performance mobile ad network. They receive around 10 billion ads every month. Supported ad formats are Banners, Interstitial, Native ads, Offerwall & Rewarded Video.

Leadbolt offers good targeting and you can target by Carrier, Category, Channel, Device, Geographical, OS & Time. They also provide good number of dynamic tracking tokens.

  1. LeadBolt Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="22" class="hover-col1 "]

Adplexity Mobile – The Best Affiliate Marketing Weapon

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Pop Under/ Pop Up Paid Traffic Sources

Pop under or pop up is a form of advertisement which opens a full webpage in a new window (either pop up or pop-under) parallel to the website the user is trying to access. This form of advertisement is really annoying for the user as it distracts them from the original content they are trying to access. Pop up/ Pop under advertisement follows pay-per-view advertisement model. You pay each time your webpage is shown on a pop up/pop-under window. Due to its annoying nature visitors are more prone to close it even before the window loads completely (especially for pop up traffic) resulting in low engagement and higher exit rate. Pop up/Pop under is also the cheapest form of advertisement and traffic quality is also low as compared to PPC or social media traffic.

Adcash: Adcash is one of the leading traffic source network and it has many advertising formats. Adcash support Display Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Interstitial Ads, Slide-In Ads, Background Ads, Footer Ads, Video Ads & In-App Ads.

Adcash has sheer amount of traffic from top domains in almost every country which has both desktop and mobile traffic. They also have lots of low-quality traffic. Apart from that Adcash provides good targeting options for proper tracking and optimization.

  1. Adcash Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="11" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you want to scale any of your profitable campaigns, then Adcash would do the perfect job. But do remember they have huge amount of traffic so filter as many variables as you can. Adcash is more focused on gaming and entertainment traffic, so offers on those niches perform very well.

Popads: Popads is one of the pop traffic source which has huge amount of traffic in every geos for both mobile and desktop. They also have good amount of low quality traffic like many other pop traffic sources. So it’s always suggested to cut out the low converting variable as soon as possible else they would simply drain your budget.

Popads has fine targeting options with many tracking tokens which help to optimize a campaign to the max ROI. Since there so many variables which can be used for optimization, so most of newbies find it hard to master the traffic source in short span of time and with limited budget. It is also the first choice for affiliates who is just getting started with affiliate marketing.

  1. Popads Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="10" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: The competition is huge and you have to monitor your bid position several times a day. It’s pretty common to be out-bided on a successful campaign. Also, the low quality sites have the worst quality of traffic so from my personal experience I would suggest to stick till quality 6 websites.

Popcash: Popcash is another pop traffic source similar to Popads. They have tons of traffic and it’s quite cheap. Again its traffic quality is of low standard and most of the traffic comes from adult & torrent sites.

It doesn’t allow such fine targeting like Popads or Adcash and is considered as one of its drawbacks. Popcash allows targeting by country, OS and categories.

  1. Popcash Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="12" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: Sweeptakes, app install, pin submit and dating kind of offer converts pretty well on popcash.

PropellerAds: PropellerAds is an Ad network based on the U.K. Supported Ad formats are pop-under (huge traffic), banner ads, mobile dialog ads, mobile interstitial ads, video ads and direct links. They have huge inventories and claims to have 400 million pop under impression daily. I have tested their network and I surely can vouch that they have a good amount of pop under traffic.

PropellerAds also have better targeting options. You can only target by location, language, OS, device, connection type, carrier browser etc.

  1. PropellerAds Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="13" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: It’s a great traffic source and perfect ad network to scale profitable campaigns. Pop traffic is generally low quality traffic so don’t expect anything equivalent to that of Bing, Google or Facebook.

WidgetMedia: Widget Media is a pop under network, which has good quality traffic as compared with other pop traffic sources. Supported ad formats are pop under, tab under, interstitial and overlays. The base price is also quite cheap. For example: US traffic starts with $2.10/1000 impressions.

It’s a great network and not quite saturated yet. And the only reason behind it is that the minimum deposit for new accounts is bit steep. They also allow find targeting option and have a very nice user interface.

  1. WidgetMedia Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="14" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you have good budget, then you can try out this network. You can take benefits of the verticals they support which are dating, gambling, software, games, e-commerce, sports, mobile apps & casino. At any point if you feel like it’s not working for and you still have some unused balance, then you can simply ask for a refund.

PopUnderTotal: PopUnderTotal is another Pop under traffic source. Advertiser dashboard is pretty simple and well organized. Though they don’t have huge traffic like Popads and Adcash but has enough traffic for scaling campaigns.

You can target your campaign by country, category, browser, OS, keywords and domains but lack other targeting options which you can find on Popads or Adcash. PopUnderTotal supports real time bidding. Another drawback is that they don’t have much tracking token which is a huge problem in tracking and optimizing campaigns. You can use only one tracking token and that is the incoming domain ID = [DOMAINID]

Domain Redirect Paid Traffic Sources

Domain redirect traffic is basically the kind of redirect traffic which comes from parked domains. Publishers purchase expired domains which still have traffic through their web presence and sell those traffic to you via any redirect traffic ad network. Domain redirect traffic has a mixture of high and low-quality traffic depending on the quality of the site it is originating and it happens to be very cheap.

ZeroPark: Zeropark is the leading ad network which provides high-quality domain redirect traffic. Apart from domain redirect traffic, Zeropark also has pop up traffic and search traffic. Both domain redirect and pop up traffic is available for mobile and desktop.

Zeropark has tons of traffic and also provide plenty of targeting options for laser targeting. They also support a good amount of dynamic tokens for proper tracking and optimization of campaign.

  1. ZeroPark Tracking Tokens

    [wpsm_comparison_table id="23" class="hover-col1 "]
Note: If you are looking for sheer amount of redirect traffic then Zeropark is great. They have high quality and quantity traffic for both mobile and desktop. It’s a perfect traffic source for scaling domain redirect and pop up campaigns.

Tonic: This name “Tonic” must be new to the affiliates. Earlier it was known by the name “DTNX” and they re-branded it to TONIC. Like Zeropark tonic has redirect traffic and are also integrated with Zeropark & Parkingcrew network. Apart from they also provide pop up traffic, email traffic, display traffic & exit traffic.

The only thing that seems to be on the downside is the number of dynamic tracking tokens. Tonic provides just 2 dynamic tracking tokens and they are [sourceid] for domain source tracking and [match] for keyword tracking.

Note: The domain redirect traffic is quite cheap. Works pretty well for mobile apps and pin submit offers. If you just want to see how well domain redirect traffic converts then you can give it a try.

PPV Paid Traffic Sources

PPV traffic simply means pay per view traffic where the ad networks charge you for every view your site receives. It is similar to pop traffic as your site opens directly in a pop under window, but the traffic is considered as spyware/adware traffic. Ad networks give away free software and internet tools to millions of users and in return they agree to receive advertisements. So that’s the reason it is called spyware/adware traffic and it is completely restricted to desktop only.

The traffic quality is of high standard as compared to pop traffic because advertisers target their audience based on keywords and specific websites related to their niche. This ensures that the traffic is highly targeted. It is quite cheap at the same time and sometimes you can receive views in as low as 1 cent. Below are the lists of networks which provide PPV traffic:

Propel Media(Former TrafficVance)

Note: You need separate account for USA & International traffic(except USA).

  1. LeadImpact Tracking Tokens

    %KEYWORD% - Bidded keyword that sent the visitor
Note: LeadImpact And Traffivance are the leading PPV network in terms of traffic quality & volume. If you are interested in PPV traffic, then these networks should be your first priority.

RTX Platform(Former 50onred)


  1. Selfadvertiser Tracking Tokens

    @@CAMPAIGN-KEYWORD@@ - Keyword Match
    @@CLICK-ID@@ - Unique ID of the click/impression
    @@SOURCE@@ - Source ID of the the site that displayed your ad


  1. Rapsio Tracking Tokens

    [-[BID]-] - Referring bid
    [-[DOMAIN]-] - Referring domain
    [-[MATCHED]-] - Referring target


  1. Adonnetwork Tracking Tokens

    PARTNERID - Partner ID that generated the view
    ${referurl}$ - Referral URL (domain/string) of the view

Media Traffic

  1. MediaTraffic Tracking Tokens

    target_passthrough - Bidded keyword

Display Advertising Paid Traffic Sources

Display advertising is simply showing your advertisement on specific websites in ad formats like text, image, video, flash & audio. Display advertising follows CPC and CPM pricing model which means you have to pay when anybody clicks on your ad (CPC) or views your ad (CPM).

Display advertisement helps in getting quick exposure and huge traffic in a short span of time. However, the ROI for display advertising is on the lower side as compared to PPC traffic as it depends on several factors like relevancy, nature of business, user experience, landing page, creative (banner, video, flash, audio) etc. But, display advertisement is perfect for branding and big companies use display advertisement for that. Below are the lists of paid display advertisement networks:

Google Display Network
Yes Advertising

Other networks which support display advertising are mentioned earlier.

Native Advertising Paid Traffic Sources

Native Advertising is the hottest buzz in the industry and it’s gaining its popularity very rapidly. Native advertising is basically a mixture of image and text ads and looks like editorial content on the website where it is placed. Native advertising ad networks follow CPC pricing model.

In other words, native advertising is simply content distribution and aims at generating instant traffic. Below are the lists of native advertising networks:

Yahoo Native

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Retargeting Advertising Paid Traffic Sources

Retargeting is the form of advertising where you target users who have visited your site earlier but didn’t take action. This is a very effective form of advertisement because it has a very high ROI. Research shows that less than 5% of the visitors who visit the site for the first time actually convert into customers. So retargeting the rest increases signup and sales.

Major advertising platform such as Google, Bing, Facebook etc. allows retargeting. There are also independent networks which allow retargeting advertising. They are mentioned below:

Perfect Audience

Media Buying

Media buying is the form of online advertisement where you advertisement on the publisher’s website at a large scale. Generally there are 2 kind of pricing model which is followed in media buying and they are CPM or a fixed monthly price. These sites follow real-time bidding (RTB).

Here are the lists of networks for media buying:

Conversant (formerly known as ValueClick)
CBS Interactive
RhythmOne (formerly known as Burst Media)
Exponential (formerly known as Tribal Fusion)
Vibrant Media
Rocket Fuel

Excel Spreadsheet For Tracking & Optimizing CPM Campaigns


Adult Traffic Sources

The name says it all. Most advertising networks don’t allow promoting offers adult or explicit in nature. But these ad networks allow all sort of adult offers as the traffic itself is adult in nature. The traffic comes from all the tube sites or image sites which have adult & explicit content.

Variety of offers works pretty well on adult traffic such as dating, adult toys, cams, antivirus etc. Most of the networks allow ad formats like banner, pop up/pop under and they follow CPC/CPM/CPV pricing model. Below are the lists of adult traffic sources and they are classified according to their traffic quality.

Tier 1: (Highest Quality Traffic)


  1. Exoclick Tracking Tokens

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  1. TrafficJunky Tracking Tokens

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  1. TrafficHunt Tracking Tokens

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  1. Trafficfactory Tracking Tokens

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Tier 2: (Medium to low quality traffic)


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Final Thoughts

There are so many traffic sources listed here. I personally haven’t tested all of them, but I use traffic sources, according to my needs. I use some to scale up my profitable campaigns. Likewise, you don’t have to test all of them. Just use the one which fits your requirement and your budget.

Paid traffic is very effective and can bring you a huge return of investment (ROI) if you do it the right way. You need to track your advertising campaign all the time and optimize it based on the data you receive from your ad network. If you fail in doing that then you would end up losing advertising money. The key to making profit with paid traffic is proper strategy, tracking everything and optimizing ad campaign to its best.

It has been a very long post and if I have missed something then do let me know. Would love to hear your opinion in the comment box below.

~ To your success. 🙂

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