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Best Native Ads Spy Tools

Native Ads Spy Tools

If you are here, that means you have been looking for native ads spy tools. Native ads have been a popular choice among affiliate marketers as it is masked as a content and is non-intrusive than other ad formats on the part of the visitor or the customer. Having said that, native ads contextual relevancy can yield high CTR(click through rate) and better conversions. However, although that is the case, it is a known fact that not all native ads work and so, if you wanted to be ahead of your competitors, then there is a need for you to use native ads spy tools.

Through native ads spy tool, you would be able to know what is trending in the market, what new niches your competitors are working on, what makes an ad effective and how you can improve the ones you have as well while still being able to save a lot of time & money doing so.

Why Should You Have A Native Ads Spy Tool?

There are many benefits of using native ads spy tools and the most important reason is that you would be able to have a sneak peek of the advertisements that other advertisers run on native advertising platforms. You can spy on all kinds of ads, explore new niches, collect ads data from the spy tools, integrate and improve your own ad copy for yourself or your company’s benefit.

If you go by the manual spy route, then you can spy on ads, but won’t get valuable data like how long the ad was running, when it was first seen, when it was last seen, on how many platforms the ads have been running etc. On top of that, it will be very time consuming and tedious. When it comes to affiliate marketing, data is a very important metric without which a successful campaign can’t be launched and you may end up losing tons of money testing and collecting data.

It’s not only that, but native ads spy tools are also a great time saver. You can gain access to tons of ads and its data in just seconds. You can study those ads, analyze them & can build your own campaign based on those data or improve your own. Explore more niches which might interest you, see how ads on those niche is delivered. Moreover, it helps you to be on the cutting edge and ahead of the competition and saves you a lot of $$$.

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Overview of Native Ads Spy Tools

Adplexity Native: Adplexity has been the most popular & trust worthy spy tool among top affiliate marketers around the world. It is a tool that has been created for advertisers to explore the current trends in the native advertising industry. Adplexity did maintain their reputation with their intelligence data and overwhelming features to meet marketers need. Adplexity native ads spy tool provides data from over 32 countries, 7 networks and over 100 affiliate networks. Sign Up>>
Spyover: Spyover is another popular native advertising spy tool favored among top affiliate marketers. In fact, through it, millions of native advertisements can be viewed from 14 networks in 150 countries and more than 70 affiliate netwroks. This tool is capable of helping any advertiser out there to discover the campaigns, explore new niches that have won over the heart of customers online. Sign Up>>
Anstrex: Anstrex is another good native ads tool. It is has most of the features any other native ads spy tool has. Anstrex cover ads from 27 ad networks in 80 countries. They have over 10M+ ads database and also offer 48 hour money back guarantee. Sign Up>>

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There are many spy tools available in the market. Choose the one which meets your need and your budget. I have been an avid user of Adplexity and it’s still the best Spy tool in the industry and the most favorite among top affiliate marketers around the world. You can also use Spyover as it is a great tool which I have personally used and liked it. If you are short on budget then try Anstrex, it’s the cheapest among the 3 native ads spy tool. Final word is choose the tool which is within your budget and try to make the maximum out of it.

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