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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing tools

Why you need Affiliate Marketing Tools?

Affiliate Marketing is like a journey, nothing stays permanent here. So, for your journey you need a perfect ride, to give you a smooth experience. If you want to settle for a cheap or free ride, then your journey can be bumpy & tiresome. For a smooth & pleasant experience, you need the best and high quality ride. Same is for affiliate marketing.

Now, enough with the metaphor. To be successful in affiliate marketing or CPA industry every affiliates need a set of affiliate marketing tools to run their campaign, optimize it and make it profitable.

Here in this article, I will discuss about the best affiliate marketing tools for beginners so that you can start your AM journey. Below is a list of affiliate marketing tools or services you will need every day to create campaigns, run & optimize them. They are used by most of the affiliate marketers including super affiliates. These affiliate marketing tools are all sorted according to their priorities and will be discussed in depth.


Web Hosted Trackers

  • Volumm – Voluum is one of the leading web based tracker out their. The best tracking software in it’s category with the most user-firendly interface you can get. Most of the top affiliate marketer & big companies use voluum to track their campaigns. You can avail up to 37% OFF on Voluum packages. Click Here >>
  • BeMob- Bemob is second in our list and is a cloud based affiliate tracking service. It has all the features of an affiliate marketers would like to have. It has 11 data centers around the globe which makes its redirect under 10ms seamlessly. It has lots of other features like A/B testing; Advanced Rules and Targeting; Fraud Protection; Automatic Optimization etc. Click Here >>
  • Adsbridge – Adsbrige is the second most popular web based tracking application. It is also the cheapest as compared to voluum but with little less features. If you are a beginner then you can try this tracking application to cut down your budget. Use Internal25 as your coupon code to avail 25% discount on pro package. Click Here >>

Self Hosted Trackers

  • Binom – Binom is the best alternative to Voluum. It is quite popular self-hosted tracking software loaded with amazing features an affiliate marketer need in one place. Pricing starts at $99/mon. Click Here >>

Spy Tools

  • Adplexity: Adplexity is the best spy tool out there used by top affiliate marketers. If you are looking for a complete package of spy tools then look no further. You can get every type of spy tool in a single place. Get up to 30% lifetime Adplexity discount or up to $80.00 using our special discount. Click Here >>
  • SpyOver: Spyover is a popular native ads spy tool. Unlike Adplexity Spyover is just on collecting data on native ads. So if you are interested native ads then check our native ads spy tool post for in depth review. Click Here >>
  • Anstrex: This spy tool is new in the market but it  is gaining popularity among affiliate marketers rapidly. Anstrex provide different set of spy tools like native/push/dropship & pop. It’s pricing is quite affordable. Click Here>>

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Proxies are really important when it comes to affiliate marketing or CPA. It has several uses and almost every top affiliate marketers use it. You can use proxies to test country specific offers where you will need a certain country IP to check the offer page. It comes handy to spy on your competitors where your ads are running or can use it to spy manually if you can’t afford spy tools and gather data, creatives and download landing pages. It can also be used to browse anonymously protecting your complete privacy and data.

There are two kinds of proxies available. One is desktop/laptop software based and another one is browser extension/plugin based. You can use them both on mobile or desktop/laptop Below are some recommended proxies.

  • Ivacy: Ivacy is a very popular VPN which uses military grade encryption.  It has server on almost every country and has no bandwidth limit. It has smart connect and lots of other features. Click Here>>
  • Zenmate: Zenmate is browser based extention/plugin for desktop/laptop and also has an mobile app. They have 80+ global server locations and have fast connection speed with unlimited bandwidth. It’s one of my favourite and I have been using Zenmate since 2018.  Click Here>>

Other Necessary Affiliate Marketing Tools

Here is a small list of other tools needed for affiliate marketing & used by top affiliate marketers. These are pretty handy tools and some of them are very cheap or free. These affiliate marketing tools are listed according to their usage and priority.

You can use these top affiliate marketing tools to dig insights about any sites demographics to creating your own landing pages without any coding knowledge. Also use the free site speed testing tools to test the speed for your landing pages. The faster the landing pages will load, the better they will perform.

  • Similarweb: Similarweb is best website traffic and demographics site out there. It provides a great deal of data about a site’s online presence or its traffic flow & demographics and lots of other features. You can use it to check the offer page or even your competitors page and use it to your advantage by segregating the data. Click Here>>
  • PureLander: If you are poor in coding and can’t build or code landing by yourself then Purelander is the right choice for you. Purelander has different landing pages template ready on almost all niches so that you can modify them and use them as per your campaign needs. Get 12% discount on your purelander subscription.  Click Here>>

Final Words

If you are serious about affiliate marketing or CPA then these are the must have affiliate marketing tools. You need each one of them for specific purposes like tracking, spying, collecting data, building landing pages for your campaigns, testing offers and lots more.

As I always say affiliate marketing or CPA is a learning curve and there is no shortcut. Every affiliate marketers from top affiliate marketers to newbie need all these basic affiliate marketing tools to run their campaign, collect data and then optimize their campaign for maximum ROI/profit.

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