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PureLander Review – Landing Page Service

Last year my friend tyoussef from Affiliatefix launched a service called PureLander. After accessing the service personally I thought of doing a review because it’s going to help lots of ANC members. I must say that I am pretty impressed with the quality of the service and I would recommend it to all my fellow marketers.

Here is a video which explains what PureLander does:

What PureLander Does For You?

Well, that’s a basic question which might come to your mind if you are not familiar with the service. And you are right about that. PureLander is a service which provides mobile & desktop landing pages on various niches which are clean, editable and allows custom modification all from a single interface. You can also create your own landers.

If you are poor at coding and cleaning your landing pages which you have downloaded from spy tools or by manual spying then you should opt for it. It will save your time and you can get high converting clean landing pages with your own customization in a matter of few minutes. It’s better to invest your precious time on your campaigns rather than doing all the time consuming hard work all by yourself.

PureLander also works great for newbies who are tight on budget and can’t afford spy tool. Newbies find it hard to come up with landing pages and don’t have any idea how to code and design landing pages. Purelander helps them by giving clean landing pages, angle ideas and the ability to add their own customization before downloading and using the landing pages on their own campaigns.

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Features Of PureLanders

There are many things you can do on PureLander. Here are the lists of features:

  • Browse through top converting landing pages or create your own landing pages.
  • All landing pages are editable and you can add your own customization through one single easy to use interface.
  • Add special effects to your lander like sound alert, vibration, open alert, disable back button, auto redirect.
  • Organize your landing pages in folders.
  • Download landing pages.

How To Edit And Customize The Landing Pages

Go to your member’s area and browse through the landing pages provided by PureLander. Select the landing page you want to edit. Now click the “use it” button to edit. Modify the headings and texts according to your needs.

You can also add audio files to add sound alert when someone lands on your landing page. Use the open alert option if you want to add welcome alert message to your visitors. Use the vibration effect to vibrate the visitor’s mobile when they lands on your landing page.

If you want to make your whole landing page clickable, then select the option “Make all landing page clickable”. If you want to make your visitors stay on your landing page and take action then you should select the option “disable back button”. The last option is auto redirecting the visitor to the offer or a different page after a certain interval of time. All these features come very handy to increase the CTR, engagement and CR of the landing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What kind of landing pages do you provide?

    A: Right now PureLander provides only desktop and mobile landing pages.
  2. Q: Is it a kind of spy tool?

    A: No PureLander isn’t a spy tool. You will get access to top converting landing pages which you can find on all major spy tools.
  3. Q: Are all the landing pages hosted on PureLander?

    A: No the landing pages aren’t hosted on PureLander. You need your own hosting where you will upload the landing pages after editing and downloading them from PureLander.
  4. Q: What is the price of PureLander?

    A: PureLander is currently priced at $25.00/6 months. So, yearly it costs $50.00 which is approx. $4.16 every month.

Final Conclusion:

It’s a great landing page service at such a cheap price. It’s worth every single penny for the quality of service PureLander provides. It is perfectly suited for newbies and also for intermediate marketers who are poor at coding and designing. No need to manually hunt and clean landing pages when you can get high converting landing pages at such a dirt cheap price.

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