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Importance Of Website Hosting In Affiliate Marketing & Web Hosting Reviews

Website hosting
When it comes to affiliate marketing, everything depends on a good hosting and it’s the most important thing which bothers until a perfect and reliable solution is found. The importance of good web host is huge and directly affects the performance of affiliate’s campaigns. So in this post I will do a web hosting reviews on best website hosting for affiliate marketers.

Let’s summarize the importance of hosting and why it is needed:-

  1. For hosting tracker: – You need a VPS hosting to host your tracker. It’s only applicable if you are opting for CPVlab , Thrive(self-hosted) or Prosper202. Tracker like Voluum, Adsbridge , Thrive(Hosted on cloud), Imobitrax & Bevo don’t require self-hosting. You need a powerful VPS, so that it can handle all the load of the tracker and huge volume of traffic and doesn’t crash frequently. And if it does then you will lose money spent on your campaign and also valuable data. Shared hosting can’t handle it, so it’s better not to even think about it.
  2. For hosting landing pages: – You can host your landing pages on shared hosting but it is again not at all recommended. Landing page speed and load time can influence your campaigns hugely. If you are on a shared hosting which is used by hundreds of users then expect your site’s load time to be high and page speed to be slow. So, it’s recommended to have a VPS or cloud server where you host your landing pages for faster load time and great page speed.

Let’s have a look at some of the good VPS hosting you can use for your affiliate marketing purpose(web hosting reviews):-

  • BlueHost: – I have tested several VPS hosting in this 2 year and I am in just love with Bluehost. Bluehost has great servers which are fast, huge uptime, cheap as compared to other services and the most important is their 24/7 customer support. Right now, I would only recommend it if you want faster loading landing pages and a server with good uptime. VPS servers stats at $19.99($29.99). Sign Up Now >>
  • Hostwinds: – I would also recommend Hostwinds as I’m currently using it. You can configure your VPS hosting plan as per your needs. Again the support is excellent and the server uptime is great. It’s budget friendly and perfect for hosting landing pages and tracker. If you want to get Hostwinds VPS hosting then Sign up here.
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    Hostwinds VPS Hosting Overview
  • Liquidweb: – I’ve personally used this hosting and it’s quite good and reliable. They have a wide range of VPS plans with excellent support and server uptime is really great. It’s a perfect VPS for hosting landing pages and tracker. I would recommend this hosting. If you want to get Liquidweb VPS hosting then Sign up here.
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    Liquidweb VPS Hosting Overview
  • Arvixe VPS:-Arvix Virtual Private Server (VPS) offering includes the rock solid performance our customers expect along with the exclusive environment offered only by our dedicated servers. Arvixe VPS Hosting plans were designed as a stepping stone between the shared BusinessClass hosting and our DedicatedClass offering. Great uptime and good performing servers.If you want to get Arvixe VPS hosting then Sign up here.
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    Arvixe VPS Hosting Overview

  • Tmzvps:- If you are looking for a pocket friendly VPS which will suit your need then you might consider Tmzvps. They have 30 day moneyback guarantee and 24/7 Support – 30 minute average response time. If you want to get Tmzvps VPS hosting then Sign up here.
    Tmzvps VPS Hosting Overview

Cloud Hosting Overview:-

  • Digital Ocean: – It is one of the best and cheapest cloud hosting solution to host your landing pages. Simple integration and 1 click installation of any apps. If you want to get Digital Ocean hosting then Sign up here and get $10 FREE Credit.
    Digital Ocean VPS Hosting Pricing Overview
  • Cloudways:- This is another good and cheap cloud hosting. Just like Digital Ocean it has Simple integration and 1 click installation of any apps. There isn’t much difference among these two cloud hosting. If you want to get Cloudways hosting then Sign up here.
    Cloudways VPS Hosting Pricing Overview

Suggestion:- If you are using Tracker like Voluum, Adsbridge , Thrive(hosted on cloud), Imobitrax & Bevo then always go for cloud hosting to host your landing pages. It will provide you with fast landing page speed and low load time due to global content delivery network (CDN) feature. You will be amazed the way your campaign’s performance will increase after shifting to cloud hosting.

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