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What is native advertising

Learn Native Advertising

What is native advertisement?

If you looking for a simple answer to the question, “What is native advertisement?”, then it would be:-

Native advertisement is a type of disguised advertising, usually online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Source:
Sometimes, simple answer can sound little complicated. Let’s elaborate the statement to get a better understanding. Form in the definition means that native ads matches the visual design of the user experience they reside and looks like natural content. Whereas, function in the definition means that native ads must behave consistently with the user experience and must function like natural content. So in other words, native advertisement have a visual design which matches with the visual appearance of the site where its placed and looks like natural content. Native ads are not like banner ads but they are more like blog posts or infographics. So a simple definition would be like:
Native advertisement is the practice of using content to build trust and engagement with would-be customers.

Benefits Of Native Advertising

Native advertisement is designed in such a way that, it looks like a camouflage from marketing point of view. This simply means that the blending effect makes the marketing message look and sound like editorial content due to which it is so effective.

List of benefits of native advertising are as follows:

  • Gets more attention.
  • Builds up relevance.
  • Empowers customers with valuable information.
  • Brands get more exposure.
  • Gets more engagement.
  • Some trust is passed on to the brand from the publisher.
  • Tends to get viral and get more shares.

Native Advertising Examples

Native Twitter Ads

Twitter promoted ads is a form of native advertising. Apart from the word “Promoted” it just looks like a regular tweet which is shown in the image below.

Native Facebook Ads

Sponsored posts is the form of Facebook native ads. Sponsored posts blends pretty well with other news feed, due to which it performs so well.

Native Advertorial Ads

Native advertorial ads look almost like regular editorial content. Therefore, they are best for brand awareness and  exposure.

Here is a very good example for The Atlantic. The design and navigation of the atlantic remains the same , but a “sponsored content” is mentioned at the top. Furthermore, the article don’t have any such clear call to actions and only meant for brand awareness.

Native Search Engine Ads

Search engine ads just look like organic search engine results. Example of Native search engine ads is like:

Native Video Ads

Native advertisement is not just limited to images and text anymore. Video advertisement is gaining it’s popularity as much as text and image. The image below featured on is an example of native video ads.

Native In-Feed Ads

Native in-feed ads are seen in widgets that recommend content like “Recommended Stories”, “You may also like”, “Lesser News From The Web” etc. You’ve probably seen them on every site after the content or side-wise widget. Here is an example:

List of Native Advertising Companies

There are lots of advertising companies but only the best networks are listed here.

Is Content Marketing Native Advertising?

Whenever someone ask “what is native advertising?”, they get confused most of the time after getting the insight about native advertising. Therefore, they start to think content marketing as native advertising but its not the same.

Therefore, this happens to be second great native advertising debate. Joe Pulizzi made a statement on Content Marketing Institute post to separate the two:

I hate to bring out the obvious, but native advertising is ‘pay to play.’ If a brand or individual did not pay for the spot, it’s not native advertising. Although brands may choose to promote their content by paying for visibility, content marketing is not advertising. You do not pay to create or curate content to your own platform. If you are, you should stop that right now.

Why Do Native Advertising?

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