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Things To Consider To Set Up Your First Campaign

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Before going into details about how to set up your first campaign, lets shed some light on choosing the right type of affiliate marketing vertical.

This is the most important criteria to consider before starting any affiliate marketing journey. Affiliate marketing breakdown can be done in several ways depending on several aspects but for newbies I would like to keep it simple so that information isn’t overloaded. Let’s breakdown the affiliate marketing structure based on the type of offers.

Now, it’s high time for you to choose the right type of offers you want to work with. This is very important, as every type of offers have different techniques of promotion. You can’t simply jump on all of them at once. If you do, then you will fail. Choosing one type of offer and sticking to it until you master it is the ideal solution for every newbie. Most affiliates fail to make the right choice and often start all at once which eventually lead them to their failure and they give up early. So don’t make the same mistake.

Once you have made the choice, you are ready to start your first campaign. But before you start your first campaign you have to work a lot on that. Below is a checklist of things you should do to start your first campaign.

  • Choosing a vertical:- This should be the very first step for creating your first campaign. That’s one of the most crucial part. Do some researches before you make up your mind. Choose a vertical like sweeptakes/dating/gaming etc which is less competitive and where conversions can be easily achieved. For example simple lead generations like Double opt-in(DOI) or Single opt-in(SOI) works great for a starter.
  • Angle: – Here comes the tricky part. Now, you have chosen your vertical and offer. It’s high time to get creative and brainstorm for new angles to promote the offer. Put yourself in the shoes of the user and think what you would do when you were presented such offers. Come up with some angles and test them all. Last but not the least don’t get over confident and don’t get attached to any angles.
  • Traffic source:- To start your first campaign, you first need to sort out the traffic source and the type of traffic you want to play with. The better the quality of the traffic, the higher will be the conversions. A word of caution – don’t hop from one traffic source to another, just try to master one traffic source before moving on to the next one. Campaigns aren’t profitable right off the bat; you need to optimize to make it profitable. It’s a thing which should be taken seriously.
  • Split Testing:- Split test between several offers from same vertical or same offer from different networks. Also split test between landing pages and direct linking. When you have enough data, stick with the ones which is making you more profit.
  • Action: – Now, you are all set. It is time to get started with your first campaign. Spend money to gather data and then start optimizing the campaign.

Final Thoughts: – The return of investment and campaign conversion rate depends on the angle, landing page, banners and most importantly the offer you have selected. Profitable campaigns = Perfect Angle * Perfect offer * Perfect landing page * Perfect banner (Variables listed as per importance one after another based on my case study so far).

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