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My Second Attempt on CPA Where I Made $17,106 – A Dating Case-Study

Dating Case-Study
Before I start with this dating case-study, I want to let everybody know that this was my second attempt on my CPA journey. I shifted my career from SEO to affiliate marketing back in the year 2014. I have done lots of reading online about how to be successful in this industry.

I’ve tried several marketing forums, including warrior forum, subscribed to few courses and I learned the basics about how it works, but that wasn’t enough for me as there is nobody who will spoon-feed you. Everybody can show you the path, it may sound very easy from their point of view, but in reality it wasn’t that easy from a newbie’s point of view. It’s a learning curve and you have to learn it in every step. There are no shortcuts. Harsh truth, but I realized it soon enough.

Overview of my Journey:

Then I stumbled upon Affiliatefix Forum, started reading all the journals and case-studies and got really pumped up with full of motivation and inspiration. Specially cashmoneyaffiliate’s journal gave the real hope and inspiration which you can find here. So, I decided to get my feet’s wet again and that too on mobile niche & started my first journal here, but didn’t quite go my way so had to pause it. Got a message from Oliver(Admin of AffiliateFix) that I should maintain my journal and keep track of how far I’ve moved on even though I am failing, Others will surely jump in and will try to help me as much as they can. It was quite encouraging and I moved on and created my second journal here, but this time on dating niche as I had some experience with my white label niche dating sites.

While I was doing small dating campaigns with peerfly and maxbounty offers, I got an email from Mike Alvis from Mundomedia asking me to join and try out some dating offers which were running hot that time. I had a chat with him and joined Mundomedia CPA network and it was a big turning point in my CPA journey. Mike became my AM and soon he hooked me up with some high converting offers.

Journals You Must Check Out:

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My Campaign Details:

  • Vertical: Dating
  • Type: SOI leads
  • Network: MundoMedia
  • Offers: Flirchi (Primary) | Amoory & Kismia (Secondary split testing offers) | Local MILF Selfies (Primary) | Easysex & Hookup (Secondary split testing offers) | Male Enhancement Product
  • Spy Tool – Aplexity Adult
  • Tracking Software: Voluum
  • Ad Networks: TrafficJunky & Exoclick
  • Country Targeted: India | Brazil | USA | UK | Venezuela | Columbia

My AM from Mundomedia asked me to run an offer (Flirchi) and said it was doing well. I checked the offer page and decided to go with the Indian offer as the traffic volume should be huge and cheap at the same time. I did some manual spying to check out what others were promoting and how many advertisers were actually promoting Flirchi offers in India. I found out that only few advertisers were promoting Flirchi offers(may be around 6-7 on TrafficJunky network sites). So I knew I had a good chance of getting good success with this campaign.

After checking how others are promoting, I got pretty solid idea about how I was going to promote the offers. I headed over to create my own creatives (banners & landers). After creating the creatives, I simply created the campaign with multiple landing page rotation (Multiple questionnaire type & story telling type with different angles) and 3 offer-pages. I then headed over to my TrafficJunky account and created the campaign on two ad-spot NTV A and NTV B (Next To Video banner ad-spot) on pornhub. Regarding bidding, it’s was CPM (cost per impression) & I made sure I was among top 3 spot to get maximum impression and clicks to my banner and landing pages.

Once I had enough data, I optimized my campaign cutting out low performing banners and landing pages. Once I saw a steady profit & ROI I simply scaled my campaign to all the available NTV ad-spot on TraffijJunky. At the same time I started to work on creating campaigns for Flirchi Brazil, Venenuela & Colombia. I used the same format of Banner and landing page design and followed the same procedure as I followed in my Flirchi India campaigns.

Note: For dating campaigns, your lead quality is always evaluated after 50-100 leads. Affiliates with low lead quality are kicked out of the offer. So make sure your lead quality is highest and always ask for a payout bump to your AM.

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My Campaign Statistics:

Day 1

Day 1:
Cost:- $16.515
Total Conversion:- 19
Total Income:- $10.64
Total ROI : -$5.875

Day 2

Day 2:
Total Conversion:- 46
Total Income:- $29.14
Total ROI : $11.934

Day 3

Day 3:
Cost: $21.851
Total Conversion: 75
Total Income: $42
Total ROI : $20.149

Day 4

Day 4:
Cost: $23.02
Total Conversion: 77
Total Income: $43.12
Total ROI : $20.1

Day 5

Day 5:
Cost: $88.83957
Total Conversions on my network: 303
Total Conversions showing on Voluum:- 244 (59 conversions isn’t recorded on voluum as there was a downtime from my CPA network’s side and they added the leads later on without any clickdata value. So i lost some good data 🙁 )
Total Income: $169.68
Total ROI : $80.84

Once the campaigns started to grow positive ROI steadily, I started to test different elements like heading, color contrast, images (nude/seminude/non nude), CTA buttons, flags etc. I even scaled my campaigns to Exoclick testing both RON and premium placement and optimized each campaign with time. I also created new campaigns (Local Milf Selfies & Male Enhancement offer) and started to test them alongside my existing profitable campaigns.

Flirchi Offer lasted for 3 months and I tried my best to make as much as I can. I was little late to start with Local Milf Selfies offer and it lasted for around 45 days. Whenever I found a new dating offer, I split tested them with my existing offer on my profitable campaigns. The screenshot below is my overall earning from those offers which was $ 17,106 and overall expense was around $10k with a ROI around 70%. Since, Voluum doesn’t keep data for over 6 months so voluum data wasn’t possible to retrieve.

Overall Earning

Overall Earnings: $17k (approx)
Overall Expense: $10k (approx)
Avg ROI: +70%
I’ve maintained a high lead quality throughout my campaign. So before going for huge investment, I got payout bumps for my offers and also asked my AM to put me on weekly payout so that I don’t run out of budget. Weekly payout & payout bump had helped me to make better profits. Even when, the offers went private, I was asked to run them privately due to my high lead quality.

Tools I Have Used For My Dating Campaigns

The list of tools I use for any campaigns I create. I also use spy tools and sometimes I do manual spying too just to keep an eye on my competitors along with spy tools and for dating campaigns I always use Adplexity Adult.

  • Adobe Photoshop for creating my banners.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for creating and editing my landing pages.
  • Uptime Robot : To monitor my site’s downtime
  • Pingdom & Google PageSpeed Insights to check my landing page speed.
  • Compressor tool to compress landing page images without compromising its quality.
  • HMA VPN for spying and checking on my competitors. (Back then Adplexity adult spy tool wasn’t available but luckily it’s now)

Adult Adplexity

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Lessons I Had Learned – Something Others Should Take Note OFF

I was still a newbie and I had much to learn when I first launched my journal on Affiliatefix forum. It was my learning curve and I learned everything step by step. One of the best thing I’ve learned was not to take too much on your plate. Take that much which you can complete with perfection.

Never host your pre-landers on shared hosting. It’s always better to host your landing page on VPS or cloud servers. The load time of landing page plays a huge role in conversion rate and overall performance of the campaign.

Maintaining high lead quality is very important. Without that there is a high risk of getting kicked out of the offer and also not getting paid. At the same time always ask your AM for a payout BUMP and it’s absolutely necessary in-order to maintain higher ROI for long run. Also be on weekly payout as cash-flow is very important to keep going with the expenses.

It’s a competitive niche and always expect to get burnt with the steep competition. Competitors will always copy your latest creative (banners & pre-landers) so never let yourself down with that. You can’t do much when someone copies you as it is very common. You always have to monitor your campaigns and also have to keep an eye on your competitors. Sometimes you might face very hard competition while advertising & you might have to incur a loss just to beat your competitors by bidding high. So don’t be afraid to do that.

Copy-paste won’t help you in long run, so always input your own creativity. And never be reluctant after optimizing the campaign and making it profitable to its best. A small change can make a huge difference, so keep on testing all the elements. Keep on testing new campaigns as no offer lasts very long and they get saturated pretty fast as you are not the only one promoting it. Offers on small countries gets saturated quickly as compared to large countries with huge population.

Lastly, your AM is your best buddy. Always keep in touch with your AM as he/she is the only person who can help you in getting a payout bump and also help you grow.


Dating is an ever green niche. The only thing that gets saturated here is the offer & the offer doesn’t last long. So try to make as much as possible while it’s still hot and converting. It’s better to make your landing pages responsive and always try out web and mobile offers both.

Always make sure you have a high budget & also a steady cash-flow so that you never run out of cash while advertising.

Bonus Materials For ANC Readers

I am providing some of my high converting pre-landers, editable banners to my ANC readers. Please like or tweet to unlock the download button.

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Let me know your thoughts 🙂

If you have any questions, ask them in the comment section below.

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