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  • igortap68

    Welcome, newbie!

    I’m Igor, an affiliate manager at Tapgerine.

    Have you ever heard of Charles Ngo and IAmAtilla? They’re the key affiliates now, raising unimaginable sums with advertising. But sure enough, they’d started just as everyone else had, at the bottom.

    Wouldn’t that journey be easier with the help of someone who knows the market? Most likely, yes, it would. And that’s what I’ve decided to invest my time into. I want to be the one to aid newbies of internet marketing, advise and lead them to 100% ROI. That’s my ambition.

    So if you’re new to the market, received a number of rejections from managers because you’re too “green”, and feel like you could use some guidance, there’s a couple of free spots on my team.

    Feel free to contact me to join via:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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