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  • Souvik Mallick
    Souvik Mallick

    The tool I’m reviewing in this post is SpyOver. It’s a new Native ad spy tool so many of you might be hearing it for the first time. But it’s a pretty amazing tool and I really liked it. I will walk you through the tools and features through my review.

    SpyOver Benefits:

    • You can spy on 8 networks and across 70+ countries.
    • Spy on your niche using advanced filters.
    • Sort ads by its duration/traffic/views.
    • Detailed statistics for every ad for analyzing them.
    • Download creatives and landing pages.

    SpyOver User Panel:

    The user panel is very simple and user-friendly. All the filters and advanced search option are on the left side. All the options are self-explanatory, so new users won’t find it difficult to go through all the options and use them properly. Please refer to the image below to have a quick glance at the SpyOver user interface.

    SpyOver Detailed Review

    Let’s get started with all the features and how you can use SpyOver to your benefit. After login, you can see the smart dashboard panel where you can access thousands of native advertisement. The first option you can see on your left-hand side is sorting ads based on newest, duration, traffic and real views. If you sort by newest then SpyOver will show you all the newest native ads. If you sort by running longest, then you will see ads which are running for a long time and they are the profitable one else advertisers won’t keep them running. The rest two options are ‘received most traffic’ & ‘real views’ shows the amount of traffic native ads have received and the number of real views received filtering out bot traffic. You also get an option to translate the ads if the language is unknown to you. An image is provided below.

    The next sets of filters are timeframe, days alive, networks, country, language, device type, browser, affiliate networks and tracking tool. Based on your niche & preference you can filter ads, do your research, spy on your competitors & find a new profitable niche. This tool is very simple and easy to use, so anyone can use it to check out what’s running hot in the native industry.

    Tips on Finding Profitable Campaigns

    Well, it’s no secret on how to find a profitable campaign. All you need to do is check, analyze and test it. The best way to do that is by setting the filters by longest running ads. Check their in-depth detailed statistics provided by SpyOver, analyze them & if you think it has potential then you can give it a shot. If you are already registered on some affiliate network, then you can filter ads based on the network. Check the statistics, total traffic received, real views received & duration for which the ad is running. Below are some examples.

    Network Specific Filtering


    SpyOver isn’t very expensive. They have 2 plans, Professional and Enterprise which are priced at $149 & $299. Use the special link below to get a 33% discount (only for new users).

    20% discount coupon for SpyOver user’s – : No Coupon code required.

    ** Please leave your comment/feedback below **


    Great tool! SpyOver helps to detect and analyze the best ads! It’s very cool that 70+ countries of the world are covered and as many as 10 traffic sources!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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