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    Looking for some cool offer to run? Our partner Mediadvice provides +10% bonus to your first payout!
    How to get it? Sign up by the link below, drive Clickadu traffic to Mediadvice and voila.

    Are you ready to start? Sign up here:


    New ad format from Clickadu – Push Notifications!

    Our new ad format lets you show ads to website visitors even when they are not on the website anymore.

    Now available for Advertisers with CPM, SmartCPM or SmartCPA pricing models. Minimal test budget for SmartCPA model = $10. Targeting: by type of device, connection type, OS and other.

    Main advantages:

    A wide range of offers\verticals are allowed;
    Get subscriptions from Clickadu direct publishers;
    Available on any pricing model (SmartCPC is coming soon);
    Affordable price for quality traffic;
    Dynamic preview and crop of your pre-created message.

    Learn more or try it now from our self-serve platform!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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