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    Clickadu Ads – In HQ traffic we trust!


    Click Ads is a young, but fast-growing advertising network. We’re successfully providing high-tech advertising solutions in buying/selling popunder traffic for two years. Working with desktop and mobile platforms with all types of entertainment niches.

    What’re the benefits you’ll receive as a partner?
    There always should be some benefits.

    Managed & Self-Serve platforms are available for you.

    Flexible targeting options, up to chosing the black & white zones.

    Get traffic WorldWide. We’re working with 200+ countries.

    Sharp statistics, updating every hour.

    Rapid campaign moderation & launching.

    Brand new tech solutions for more convenient cooperation & maximizing your profit. Anti-adblock zones traffic & SmartCPA.

    Referral system for advertisers. Bring your friend, or a partner, or just… Dunno. Any other cool guy and you’ll receive from 3% to 5% of the referral spend.

    Giveaways & other sweet rolls for the newbies and the regulare partners.

    Technical support & countenance. Our support team is always glad to help you with the issues.

    … And much more.

    There’s a great opportunity to obtain the extra bonus. Register now and use the bonus code ADS20 & receive $20 to your $100 or more deposit.

    For all the questions & suggestions you may contact me:

    Tracking system integration:



    Fresh as the morning bread, hot as the coffee cup.

    TH – 300 k daily – average CPM $1.92

    DE – 15 k daily – average CPM $2.74

    ID – 25 k daily – average CPM $1.74

    TW – 35 k daily – average CPM $0.95

    MY – 22 k daily – average CPM $2.5

    PH – 10 k daily – average CPM $2

    Get the most of the iOS traffic


    Supply creates its own demand, and this is still true for the desktop traffic. We’re offering a plenty of desktop traffic at pleasant prices to meet your demand.

    US – 2.6M impressions daily – $1,54
    IN – 1.7M impressions daily – $0,7
    TH – 850K impressions daily – $0,57
    VN – 650K impressions daily – $0,6
    DE – 1M impressions daily – $1,4
    GB – 900K impressions daily – $1,53
    CA – 700K impressions daily – $1,22

    Get the most of this desktop traffic here.
    If you want a bigger discount please contact:
    Skype: n.morris.clickadu


    🐇Happy Easter BONUSES! 🏵

    As far as you may know, Clickadu is a Czech brand. The Czech traditions of welcoming spring by feasting Velikonoce (Easter) are a great fun. This year we have celebrations a week before and a week after Easter Monday. So, we are happy to invite you to participate in our joy with greeting… not cards but bonuses! 🎁

    Never worked with Clickadu? 😱 Try now with Easter eggstra $25 added to your account with the first deposit or payout starting from $100. Right after taking this eggciting quiz about the Czech Easter!👌

    Hurry up to use your bonus before April 21!


    Special ClickBakers offer for Clickadu partners, only valid until 1st of June 2017!

    Sign up today, try our mobile web tracker and optimize your mobile campaigns. Now you have a great chance to get a free trial for 2 months – use the promo code IDO when signing up at

    Special Clickadu offer for clickBakers partners, only valid until 1st of June 2017!

    Exclusive offer from our partner Clickadu! Get $20 or 10% extra on your first deposit! Use promo code IBAKE when signing up at


    Shmowzow, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy II time! Clickadu team is stockpiling popcorn because we’re going to the cinema.
    But first… We need to make sure we’re working with PROs in online advertising. Let’s check, ain’t you Groot in affiliate marketing?

    1. Estimate the trajectory of your digital spaceship by choosing some cool affiliate offers.

    You should know the advertising space well enough to get your business to the next level. Investigate new horizons, enhance your experience & intuition, scrutinize activity of other space media buyers in order to choose a powerful offer.

    2. Prepare to trade with other alien species by creating an awesome landing page that sales good.

    Who knows what may happen if you’re prepared not well enough? As a result – poor conversions or none! Work on LP design, get rid of dead weight, make it easy to follow and remember… Artificial-Cosmic CTA is half the work.

    3. Track your space path with magic tracking solutions.

    You never know when you need to look back and modify your campaign for better results. Integrate with the tracking software, choose the best options to get far and earn more! Voluum, clickBakers, Bemob & AdsBridge could be your best space companions in this case.

    4. Set the best targeting options to get the best space crew ever.

    Your audience is your crew in getting all the treasures in the deep advertising space. Do not neglect choosing the detailed targeting options. Take into account their origin, their device equipment & stuff. Don’t be too greedy… Increase your bid to get the best quality traffic. Estimate your audience with spaceship devices such as Traffic Estimator by Clickadu (sign up/in & test it for free)

    5. Optimize your ad path to avoid asteroids and space junk.

    Don’t give it up too easy and don’t cut unoptimized campaigns. Check if everything looks quite suitable, test, improvise with LPs and your targets to reach the result you ever wanted. Still feel lost? Contact the advertising network HQ manager to help you in this case.

    If you’re following all the recommendations then you’re not that log… Um, we mean Groot in affiliate marketing space. And “you are not going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy” 😉

    Keep it up to infinity and beyond!


    Every day we are working on getting more flexible and customer-focused. For this purpose we offer API integration. API allows networks and brand promoters to manage their advertising campaigns, even if launched at different ad networks, on their own platform. It saves a lot of time, as there is no need to permanently check the whole pack of traffic sources in use. An application program interface (API) is a special protocol which enables integration of two platforms.

    ► API helps our advertisers work remotely with our platform: create, launch, and stop campaigns; change a bid, a link or targeting settings.

    ► API helps our publishers remotely receive statistics from our system in order to visualize and analyze large data sets.

    EscAPIng difficulties, work with Clickadu API.


    We came here to play big!
    And look at us, we’re 3 already. In just 3 years we became one of the leading ad networks in the entertainment segment thanks to your support.

    We love presents, but most of all we like to give presents. To celebrate our anniversary we announce a Hat-trick bonus: 1 goal, 2 scores!

    Are you a newbie here?
    Use the promo code ‘SCORE3’ in the registration process, add $300+ to your account to receive $30 extra and… To become our VIP partner for 3 weeks with all the possible benefits.

    Haven’t played with us for a while?
    Get the quiz to become our hat-trick programme participant with the conditions mentioned above.

    Don’t go through life without goals.
    Score now!

    <Get my Hat-trick bonus>


    Dear partners,

    Clickadu Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and of course, we have prepared something extra special for you.

    But first, let’s look through Santa’s checklist if you’ve been a good or a naughty this year. Are you on the list?

    ✔️ Good
    ✖️ Naughty

    Seems you’ve been a good lad this year. Watching the environment, being nice to small fellow-ones, helping old ladies cross the road. Encouraging list of good deeds indeed.

    Okay, well, when you won’t find a coal in your Christmas stocking impotens behandling.

    😇 Good advertiser

    Use the code ‘GOODLAD’ to receive $20 extra for topping up your balance on $100+ or 10% extra for your topping up your balance on $300+! There are so many advertising opportunities for you this time.

    😇 Good publisher

    Use the code ‘GOODLAD’ in the registration form to receive 98% revenue share for two months!

    The code is valid until December 29!


    Dear partners,

    Buck up, let’s get your fingers moving, cuz today is
    “Fight Procrastination Day”.
    We have prepared you a new wave of slices with discounts to cover.

    Buy Clickadu traffic at the CPM rates below at our Self-Serve Platform here
    Or ask your >manager for even bigger discounts.

    For iOS

    TH – $0.5 – 13M weekly
    VN – $0.2 – 10M weekly
    US – $0.2 – 5M weekly
    DE – $0.2 – 2.1M weekly
    TW – $0.5 – 1.9M weekly

    For Android

    IN – $0.2 – 133M weekly
    BR – $0.8 – 41M weekly
    TH – $0.5 – 30M weekly
    ID – $0.2 – 18M weekly
    TR – $0.4 – 9.3M weekly

    For Desktop

    VN – $0.2 – 4M weekly
    BR – $0.8 – 3M weekly
    ES – $0.5 – 2.5M weekly
    TR – $0.4 – 2.4M weekly
    TH – $0.5 – 2M weekly


    That was a beery Saturday
    Not sure if you’re hungover, sleepy or just hungry? The same damn thing here and we have a great cure for it. Vitamins? We’d love too. Fast Food? Oh, yeah. A shower? No, but you’re getting warmer.

    How ‘bout a bracing 10% CASHBACK bonus?

    3 simple steps to get your CASHBACK:

    1. Become a Clickadu partner, sign up using the bonus-code ‘BEERME’.
    2. Run your first advertising campaign.
    3. Get 10% back for your first 7-days spend. As simple as that.

    The event is valid thru 24.10.2018

    Become a Clickadu partner by following the link:

    Learn more about us here:

    If you still got any questions or suggestions please contact


    We remember that you’ve been missing: A glossy wired SmartCPA in the Self-Serve Platform. Well, we glad to announce that we have it for you.

    SmartCPA is a basic CPA with automatic optimization algorithm based on a Self-Serve Platform allows you to pay only for conversions. It automatically matches your CPA offers to 100% engaged users, helping you reach a more relevant audience.

    SmartCPA is equipped with an accurate traffic matching system with a test budget at an affordable price. Works with all advertising formats.
    Interested to learn more? Click here


    Two weeks of horror and horrifying low prices for traffic slices for you in the Self-Serve platform this Halloween.

    Get some Clickadu traffic at the CPM rates below or ask your manager for an even bigger discount.
    Looking to buy traffic on Cost Per Action model? Try out our new SmartCPA feature.

    VN – $0.2 – 9.2M weekly
    US – $0.2 – 5.1M weekly
    TW – $0.5 – 1.2M weekly
    DE – $0.8 – 1M weekly
    TH – $0,5 – 650K weekly

    IN – $0.2 – 87.3M weekly
    BR – $0.8 – 39M weekly
    ID – $0.2 – 11.6M weekly
    TH – $0.5 – 9.2M weekly
    TR – $0.4 – 4.6M weekly

    BR – $0.8 – 3.5M weekly
    VN – $0.2 – 3.1M weekly
    ES – $0.5 – 2.5M weekly
    TR – $0.4 – 1.1M weekly
    TH – $0.5 – 1M weekly


    A new way to make the most of the audience – Pre-roll!

    Welcome a new advertising format: pre-roll ads! The format can give the maximum of interest to share the message.

    Pre-roll is compatible with all mobile and desktop devices and works with all advertisers. It is great for increased brand awareness, ad recall, and conversions.

    Learn more


    Great news guys, all known pricing model SmartCPM is now available for you in Self-Serve Platform 🔥

    SmartCPM is a usual pricing CPM model which allows you to bid at the best price possible. Choosing it you set the maximum price you are willing to pay. Still, you will pay less than a selected rate.

    ➡️Find out more in our blog

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