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Traffic Source

  • Badboys Network
    Badboys Network

    We are specialized in monetization of the web push traffic from all over the world!
    In our affiliate program we monetize WorldWide traffic by subscribing to Push Notifications.

    Install the code on your website or buy pop-under traffic on (to) our landings and start to get profit.

    Which traffic converts the best?
    Any live “non-topic” traffic shows great results of conversion and has quite competitive CPM both on JS and on Direct Link monetization, also you can easily customize as Direct Link (DIY landings with its picture and text), as well as placing JS code on your site according to your audience.

    Accepted OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
    Accepted Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Safari

    For what do we pay?
    The payment is made in 2 ways:
    • CPA – Cost per action.
    • RevShare – Payment is made for the display of advertising after the visitors subscribes for push notifications.

    How to understand how much we can earn on thousands subscribers?
    There is a section on the main page – Cost per Lead, where you can see how much money you will earn using CPA model for each thousands of leads.

    For Example – you sent 10 thousand desktop users from Russia to one of the Direct Link, and got 1000 subscriptions, so your profit will be 109$ according to the current rate.

    By the model revshare * you collect the database of subscribers to push notifications where you get 75% of the cost-per click payment for each click, on which advertisers buy traffic in our friendly net .

    *In general, you should be oriented on CPA rates for RevShare monetization. On average, the user brings the same money from CPA tariff for 50 days, and after payback, it goes to your wallet.

    This period may reduce depending on the traffic quality. The record of our partner is 20 days. Accordingly, after he paid back the leads by CPA rate, then remains the net profit.

    Who do we work with?
    Owners of Web-Sites (Webmasters)
    Affiliate Marketers
    Traffic Sources
    Affiliate programs
    Doorway pages

    How to start to send traffic to our affiliate program?
    You can send traffic both to our landings and to set JS code on your site with a subscription form.

    Step 1. Complete the registration process

    Step 2. Go to the section “My sites”

    Step 3. Add your site ( if you plan to use JS monetization, choose the method of monetization, and confirm your domain. Moreover, that is all. Everything is ready. Take your code and put it on the site (more info in FAQ), it’s ready!

    In the case of Direct Link format, you do not need to confirm your site.

    You just take the landing that you like and send traffic on it.

    To do this, you need to go to the section ”My sites” and pick up your Direct Link on the desired site, by clicking on the Statistics. You can take the JS code in the same way, if you confirmed the site.

    Examples of Monetization:

    In addition, we have ready landings for traffic flow. Here is one of the examples, for more info go to your personal account.

    Where do we push traffic?
    We have no limits in the methods of getting traffic. The main thing is that the traffic should be obtained legally and not be spam! (It’s extremely inaccessible to push traffic from the hacked sites, spam of social networks, email).

    In total, if you divide the traffic flow by channels and volumes, today it would be in the following way:
    Contextual Advertising – it is suitable if you can get cheap traffic by “junk” search queries with the cheap price for the click – watch videos, jokes, and cars. This is one of the best channels both in volume of the received traffic and in quality.
    Popunder/ClickUnder – We have ready direct links (landings). You push traffic on them by purchasing it in Popunder Networks (Popunder traffic exchange) and flowing them on our landings.Undoubted advantage of this method is that you are practically not limited in the traffic volumes traffic and you can target them.
    Teaser traffic (Native) – Tempting teasers – watch videos, forbidden videos, download on our landings
    Websites – you simply place the JS code on your site with a subscription form or a clicker / banner and direct traffic to our landings.

    Key advantages:
    WorldWide offer with a simple flow

    Several working models:
    CPA – Cost per action, the payment for each involved push
    RevShare – Collect the database of users and earn revenue for each click of your users
    PostBack – for tracking the conversion and creating Black / White Sheets

    Completely legal format with the ability to customize landings and js code specifically for your traffic content.

    How much can website owners earn * using JS codes?

    How much can an affiliate marketer earn using our Landing?

    *Important – this is the average figures by the system, that is, here you can find adult cj (where the user after 10 redirects sees your advertisement), mediabuyers, who buy traffic in the Popunder nets, and site owners.

    The more qualified traffic the higher figures you get.
    SE (Search) traffic has the best conversion rates.

    If we take a general breakdown by countries – then here is the current TOP of the countries for work.

    If you still have additional questions, please contact:
    Telegram Support: @badboys_network
    Affiliate Chat:

    Badboys Network
    Badboys Network

    Overall statistics of the current week!!!

    Top browsers by traffic volume in descending order:
    1.Chrome (93% from the total volume)

    Top browsers by convert in descending order:

    By devices:
    Mobile (87% from the total volume)
    *The total CPM and CR is higher on Desktops

    Top 10 countries by traffic volume in descending order:

    The most profitable top 15 countries for launching campaign by RevShare, by CPM in descending order:

    * Please note, that some GOEs may be overheated by the price in local nets. For example, like RU in

    Logical, that if you can buy something from the list cheaper, then for a quick return of the invested funds, it is better to push them.

    Badboys Network
    Badboys Network

    Push Traffic to BadboyS with a plus from Adsterra

    Dear all, we decided to prepare for you a case for pushing traffic to

    from the traffic source Adsterra.

    Why adsterra?

    A) A lot of good quality traffic both desktop and mobile

    B) Country coverage – 190 geo is available

    C) You can make high turnover

    D) Moderation is not so hard

    E) A lot of targeting, which means a lot of opportunities for optimization.

    The minimum deposit in this platform for advertisers starts from 100 usd.

    Payment Methods: wire (1000 $) / paxum (100 $) / epayments (100 $) // webmoney (100 $) // bitcoin (300 $) / payoneer (500 $) / yandex money (500 $) / visa + mastercard ($ 500 verification is required)

    List of the priority countries for launching your campaigns:


















    Mexico City





    Also you can launch any other countries. The traffic volumes for each country you can check with your personal manager in adsterra.

    Before starting, do not forget to ADJUST the rates by country in badboys (Desktop / Mobile), as they are changed from time to time.

    To specify the current rates, click in the below mentioned link:

    FAQ on the platform:

    This is the general screenshot on the browsers and their conversion for the whole day.

    Accordingly, when starting campaigns, please be guided by these indicators.

    The conversion on the device for the day.

    Top OS by Conversion Rate

    And this is the statistics specifically for the launched campaigns in Adsterra

    We also prepared a black list of sites for you, which are better to stop:











    Let’s move on to creation a direct link in badboys network

    1 – is for the adsterra token for transfering id sites to the statistics of badboys

    ## PLACEMENT_ID ##

    (It will be required to form a black sheet)

    How is it better to push, with a tracker or without it?

    While pushing the traffic through the tracker, you will have:

    A) Lack of traffic

    B) The lack of conversion ( I met on some trackers because of the specifics of the admission of postbacks from BB)

    C) Roi will be lower because of the point A

    That’s why it is better to push directly on the direct link.

    And we will consider launching a campaign without a tracker, because we ourselves are pushing in this way.

    Nevertheless you can also work through the tracker for a more detailed analysis of statistics.

    (Please write to the Support Team for setting the postback in FAQ. We will help you set up.)

    Creating a campaign in Adsterra


    1 – Specify the traffic type

    Mainstream + Adult (either only mainstream or only adult but traffic will be less)

    2 – Device Format

    Because of the specificity of displaying landings on mobile, it’s better to twist only mobile, the conversion is always better and the income is higher than on the desktop.

    In addition, you can create a campaign on the desktop.


    There is a possibility of specifying one and more countries at once in one campaign by specifying their Country Codes from badboys (For example ru, kz, ua or any others, for example, TOP countries by Rates in this section (

    It is more convenient and easier to run immediately the top countries from the BB 1 campaign in adsterra, which have the maximum rate for 1k installations.

    Then if a certain country’s traffic is lower, decrease CPM or disconnect.

    In addition, if bad traffic is being pushed form, it will convert badly in all countries, because the site itself is likely weak.

    You can start with a fixed rate of $ 1.1 then follow the conversion, disabling the inefficient sites and adjusting them based on the payment by the country.

    As for the budget for the campaign, the more, the better.

    If the amount of your budget is $ 10 for a campaign, then here is your fortune.

    The traffic can be pushed in the framework of this budget from 1 site and you will not receive any objective data.

    The more your budget, the more objective picture you will get. And that’s all.

    There is no universal method, one must look within the framework of each country to see how the bid works and make decisions.


    OS + Version

    You can safely put Android 4.0 and above, further look at the statistics and cut absolutely bad parts.

    Browser + Version

    We put only Chrome, it converts consistently well.

    It is better to use the latest version of the browsers, as the old browsers are converted badly.

    That’s all for today. A chat will be created only about badboys theme, where we will spread the working cases in real time.

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