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[Case-Study] Impact Of Country Flag On your Campaign

Flag Case Study

In my last post, I have told about the different metrics which can affect the overall performance of a campaign. This post will be a little case-study on the impact of country flag on your campaign.

Every small metrics in a campaign can change the overall performance of the campaign .It can also change the CTR, CR and ROI hugely. Let’s have a look at the impact of country flag implemented on landing and its overall performance. Country flag can also be used on banners, if banner advertisement is used.

Example Static Flag:-

Example Animated Flag:-

Case Study Results:-

I have used both static and animated flags on landers for some of my existing campaigns targeting different tier 3 countries.

Though i have implemented animated flag on my lander at the end of the campaign, still it has shown better CTR and CR

Again lander with animated flag has better CR and CV.

Again lander with animated flag has better CTR, CR and CV.

For this campaign, the CTR for lander with animated flag has better CTR but the CR is less with respect to lander with static flag

This is the funny part, CTR for animated flag lander is much higher than static flag lander and CR is little less. But the CV is higher than static flag lander which will make the animated flag lander a winning one.

Conclusion: – All metrics are very important and a small tweak to any one of the metrics can make a huge difference. Always keep testing as much as you can whether its title, sub-title, image, color or anything you might think can improve your CTR, CR and ROI of your campaign. This case study is carried on different countries, landing pages with different language, different ad zones but they were on the same vertical. So results can vary for different countries, different niches, different advertisement (PPC,PPV,Media buy etc). The statistics on my case-study doesn’t show costs, as it’s a CPM advertisement, but this case-study is made from my profitable campaigns.

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