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[Case Study] How I Transformed -28.79% ROI To 317.35% ROI On Diet Vertical With PPV

PPV Case Study

Today I am going to reveal one of my successful PPV case study and would also share everything I used to make the campaign highly profitable.

First of all, if you are not familiar with PPV traffic then lets get a quick glimpse of the term. PPV stands for pay per view traffic which means that you will pay the ad network every time your site is displayed to the user. Pay per view traffic is basically “pop under/ pop up” kind of traffic. For complete information about PPV traffic, do a quick google search. To get the list of PPV advertisement networks please visit the page Paid Traffic Sources.

PPV Case Study On Diet Vertical

My Campaign Details

  •  Vertical:- Weight Loss Trial Offer
  •  Network:- Maxbounty
  •  Offer:- Garcinia Cambogia Trial Offer
  •  Spy Tool:- Adplexity
  •  Tracking Software:- Voluum
  •  PPV Ad Networks:- 50Onred , LeadImpact
  •  Country Targeted:- USA

How I Started The Campaign

Before starting any campaign, the most important thing you need is a good offer which will convert. I have discussed in details about the facts to consider for setting up a new campaign and how to optimize CPA campaigns.

To get myself started, I went to Offervault to search for some good offers which I can promote. I selected some offers with good payout and EPC.  I selected 4 offers from 3 different networks.

Now, the biggest challenge was to create high converting landing pages. Since, it was not a regular free sign up or zip submit offers so it was very hard to get conversions. With free sign up/zip submit you can get leads pretty easily but with trial offers or sale you need to convince the user as they have to take out their credit cards to complete the offer.

I did some research on the demographics of my targeted audience, sorted out their needs and finally put everything to create landing pages for my campaign. I ended up creating 2 variations of landing pages for initial testing.

Preview Of The Winning Lander

I was just one step away to set up my campaigns which is collecting keywords and urls. This was one of the most crucial part as campaign performance totally depends on it. I practiced all the method of collecting keywords & url’s which helped me to create a pretty decent list. This is the key part for any PPV campaign as bad targets can ruin your campaign and make you huge loss. So, everybody should spend quality time collecting and checking targets manually if possible.

Campaign Set Up & Results

Now that I had everything ready, I created my first campaign on 50Onred with 2 landers and 4 offers in rotation. I wasn’t profitable right off the bat and ended up with -ve ROI on my initial run.

Landing Page performance Stats on 50onRED

Offers Performance on 50onred


Total Cost= $57.58
Total Income= $41.00
Total Loss/Profit= – $16.58
ROI= -28.79%

The keyword targets were expensive on 50Onred for this niche. The bids were too high and competition was immense. After a couple of days, I was barely getting any traffic and almost gave up on the campaign. But, I changed my mind and gave it another go on LeadImpact with same keyword targets and campaign settings. While setting up the campaign, I noticed that the bids for targets are low as compared to 50Onred which gave me some hope.

Landing Page performance Stats on LeadImpact



Note:- Automatic update of cost from Leadimpact to Voluum wasn’t accurate that time, so attaching expense of my campaign below.

Lead Impact Campaign Expense




Total Cost= $127.71
Total Income= $533.00
Total Loss/Profit= $405.29
ROI= 317.35%

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It was a very competitive niche and I felt the heat all the time. The most important thing I had learned from my campaign was not to come to early conclusions. Same campaign can perform differently on different traffic source. I was very happy with my results because it was my first attempt on diet niche.

I hope that, this PPV case study gives you a clear idea on how to put thing together to get a profitable PPV campaign. PPV has huge traffic and there are so many niches which has huge potential. But PPV is not for everyone. You need to work hard on collecting targeted keywords and urls and need to have some experience in tracking and campaign optimization. If you are poor at this then you would end up loosing more money.

Bonus Materials For ANC Readers

Download my winning landing page(complete coding) & finalized garcinia cambogia keyword list which i have used for my campaign. Please like or tweet to unlock the download button.

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Let me know your thoughts. 🙂

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