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    What about Adbeat? That’s the big one you completely ignored.

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    I don’t have enough experience in native ads, I started with social network, but I will start with native, what do choose for newbies in native ands, I my own opinion adplexity has download landing page!! Look great.

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      Souvik Mallick

      Thanks Denis for dropping your comment. Hope you enjoyed the article. Everybody starts out at some point of time. So, if you are new to native ads, try to observe and learn how others are promoting. Start with a low budget to test the waters. Once you have gathered enough experience, you know what to do. SO you can get the ball rolling with a higher budget. Adplexity is the most trusted Spy tool and I’ve been using them for a long time. And yes, they do provide landing page download and other vital statistics to carry out your research. If you have any other queries, do let me know. If you are looking for Adplexity discount then please visit our discount page: https://www.affiliateninjaclub.com/anc-discount-coupons/

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        Hi Sir and thank for your answer, well I new in this industry I was doing my camping just on facebook in vertical like game, but I really want to get a win, and paid for spy tools also, good traffic, server, like you recommend on this page, and well, the problem is that I cant pay for both that I like in spy tool, and I have to decide just for one mobile or native.


          Souvik Mallick

          Hello denis. Se, honestly native advertisement is bit costly and requires a higher budget. So if you are up for it then go for it as the return is good but that happens after optimization and you need to spend good amount of money to gather data first. So if you are low on budget, then I would suggest you to go for mobile which requires less budget. So the decision should always be yours & yours alone, I can just guide you and tell you whatever I know. If you have any other queries , just let me know. Have a great day.

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    Great Review On Native Ads Spy Tools. I think with your review one can make a sesnsible and profitable decision acquiring the Adplexity Tool at hand for maximum data accumulation hence cloning on the best campaigns out there on different niches.
    Once again, thanks a Lot for the Mind Opening Review.



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