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Affkit Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool You Will Ever Need

Affkit review

Affkit Review

Affkit Toolkit review by ANC
Number of tools 10
Ease of use 9.8
Features 9.8
Support 9.6
Price 10
9.8 Great AM Tool
Affkit is a great affiliate marketing tool and it is very cheap. You can't bargain for a better tool at such a dirt cheap price. In one word, just go for it without any second thoughts and if you are not satisfied then you have 30 days money-back guarantee.

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I have always enjoyed sharing my experience with all my ANC readers and always try my best to recommend the best tool whichever I come across. This time it’s the amazing Affkit tool. In this Affkit review I will enlighten why it’s a must have tool set for every internet marketer. If you want to succeed and want to have the best ROI then you won’t find any other tool better than this.

Well, I am not just saying the good stuffs because I am reviewing it, but I have been using it since 2014. Now you must be wondering that the product is launched in Feb 02, 2017 then how can I have used it since 2014. You might be thinking that I am lying 😀 Well, actually I am not. Affkit was earlier part of Affiliatefix Dojo and since I was an Affiliatefix Dojo member so I had all access to the Affkit tools. I have used Affkit tools for all my campaigns and the case-studies I have mentioned on my blog.

Affkit Review: Team Behind Affkit Tools

Like I said earlier, Affkit was earlier part of Affiliatefix Dojo premium membership, but it was discontinued as the Dojo premium membership was discontinued back in the year 2016. Oliver Kenyon (owner of Affiliatefix Forum) & William Souza (Owner of CPA Evolution course) teamed up and purchased the Affkit tools from its original creator. They took some time to re-design all the tools, edit them and get rid of minor bugs and updated them as per the requirements of the current industry. Since both of them (Oliver & William) are highly skilled and experience marketers, so you can always expect top-notch products and nothing less.

Affkit Owner: William & Oliver

Affkit Review: Overview

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I always say that a small change can make a huge impact on your campaigns. Just like small thing matters in life, similarly small changes matters in affiliate marketing. Having traffic isn’t enough; you need to convert your visitors into sales/leads to be successful. But not every marketer can do it the right way and that’s the reason they fail. So if you are looking for ways to increase your conversion rate & bank more money, then Affkit is the right set of tools you will ever need.

Affkit provides tons of high-end marketing tools which help in increasing visibility, engagement and better conversion rate whether it’s a landing page, sales page or squeeze page. These tools work with any kind of site WordPress, HTML or Shopify stores. All you need is a few clicks to get it ready for you. Still not convinced? Then carry on with the rest of the Affkit review to know how this toolkit will help you ease your work, save your time and will help you bank more money.

Affkit Review: Tool Details

Affkit complete affiliate marketing tools are classified in 5 categories landing pages, mobile, email, images and calculator. It has everything in their arsenal for you to succeed in your affiliate marketing journey. The basic package has a total of 19 tools and 2 additional premium tools are included in the premium package. The complete lists of tools are mentioned below:

Read All the features of Landing pages tools →
  • Exit Intent Popup
  • Geo Redirection
  • Geo Location
  • Urgency Timer
  • Offer iFramer
  • Dynamic Elements
  • Date and Time
  • Sporadic Timer
Read All the features of mobile tools →
  • Mobile Detection
  • Back Button Redirect
  • Mobile Vibration
Read All the features of email tools →
  • Landing page integration
  • Custom form integration
Read All the features of image tools →
  • Resizer and cropper
  • Image overlay
  • Banner tweaker
  • Image finder
  • Glossy image
Read All the features of calculator tools →
  • Break even calculator
  • When to cut landers
Read All the features of premium tools →
  • Lander Sounds
  • Landing Page Protection

Landing Page Tools

There are total 7 landing page tools which you can access on Affkit. They are very effective and must have tool for every affiliate marketer. I use most of them on my landing pages as it increases my CTR and conversion rate. Each and every landing page tools are described below.

Exit intent popup: This tool helps to recapture the visitor who is trying to leave your page. It’s a popup notification shown to the visitor offering them amazing new deal. It really helps in rinsing every bit of your traffic. You can design and modify the popup according to your needs.

Geo-redirection script: Geo-redirect script helps to send traffic to appropriate links based on geo location if your traffic isn’t geo-targeted. For example, if you have traffic from USA, CA & Italy then this script will help to send your USA visitors to offers accepting USA traffic, CA visitors to offers accepting CA traffic & Italy visitors to offers accepting Italy traffic. All you need to do is set up the rules and put the javascript provided by this tool on your landing page. To be very precise this tool supports a total of 238 countries.

Geo location: This tool helps to call out to visitors with their location and instantly boost conversion ratio. You can call out visitors and display it on your landing pages with a simple code. This tool shows geo location by country, region or city and you can even display individual data or a combination of city & country or region & country.

Urgency timer: It is one of my favorite tool and is very effective indeed. This tool is just a timer which implants a sense of urgency in the visitors mind to take action. If you are not using this on your landing pages, then you are losing lots of conversions.

Offer iframer: If you are not good at coding and designing landing pages, then this tool can come handy. This tool gives you the ability to copy the original offer page and add it to your own landing page. You can add your own title for your iframed page and add your own tracking links.

Dynamic elements: This tool lets you to add dynamic elements like animations and effects to your landing pages. If you are looking forward to create a well-designed and better converting landing page, then this tool can really you do that without much coding and designing skills. It also lets you decide when the animation and effects will be triggered.

Date and time: This tool allows you to display the date and time on your landing page. It helps in making your landing page relevant and accurate and also helps in boosting your conversion rate. You can show individual data (date/time) or can show them combined.

Sporadic Timer: It’s just another version of countdown timer which you can display on your landing pages. You can count upwards or downwards for implanting urgency and pause emotional state factor in your visitors mind. You would be surprised to how much it can boost your ROI.

Mobile Tools

Affkit has 3 mobile tools which. You need every mobile tool if you are into mobile marketing. It saves time of coding, helps in grab visitor’s attention and improves your conversion rate. The tools are described below.

Mobile Detection: The title says it all. This tool allows you to detect & display mobile phone brand, model and the browser with which the visitor is accessing your page. It’s an advance script which will make your marketing effort easy. It will make your landing page look authentic as you can display actual visitor’s data and as a result it helps in better conversion rates.

Back button redirect: This is another advance script and one of my favorite too. This tool helps in sending your visitors to a different location/offer when they are not interested in your current offer and hits the back button on their mobile. This is the hottest script in mobile marketing and every single marketer uses it in their online campaigns. It helps you make extra revenue from same traffic who isn’t interested in your primary offer.

Mobile vibration: Not many marketers use it, but those who do, know the benefit of this script. This script helps you make your visitor’s phone vibrate whenever they land on your landing page. The primary aim of this tool is to draw user’s attention and improve engagement of your landing page. So if you are looking for a better engaging and high converting mobile landing page then this tool is a must.

Email Tools

You can access 2 email tools inside Affkit. Email marketing is really important and these email tools will make your life easier with effective list building and increased subscription rate. The email tools are completely compatible with two popular email marketing service Aweber & Mailchimp. All you need to do is simply follow the steps and integrate the code in your landing pages or any custom form you have. With just a few clicks, you can have your subscription form ready for your desired page.

Image Tools

These are the tool sets which comes handy for images and banner designing & tweaking. It saves lots of time and gives a professional touch. If you are poor at designing and editing then, these are the must have tools. Affkit has 5 image tool kits in their arsenal and they are described below.

Resizer and cropper: This is a full browser based image resize and cropping tool allowing you to resize and crop your images as per your needs. You don’t need to install any application. Just upload the image on this tool and carry on with resizing and cropping the image.

Image overlay: This tool allows you to images or any other creative on your banner. You can make stunning banners with this tool and it also helps in improving CTR of your banner. It’s a perfect tool for those who are in display advertisement.

Banner tweaker: Banner optimization is very important and this tool does a great job in tweaking and optimizing your banners. This tool uses advanced image optimization technique and helps in achieving better CTR for your banners. It is also a browser based tool and will save lots of time.

Image finder: The biggest hurdle we face in marketing is getting high-quality free images for designing banner/landing page. This tool comes handy and can find high-quality relevant images with just a few clicks from multiple sources.

Glossy image: It is a very effective tool and allows you to apply glossy image effects to your banners, images or button. It really helps to make your image/banner/button look more professional, eye-catching and improves your overall CTR.

Calculator Tools

These are an amazing set of tools which intent to maximize your profit and cutting out your losses. These tools help you analyze your data and provide you results with 100% accuracy. Affkit has 2 calculator tools and they are described below.

Break even calculator: It’s an amazing tool and helps you to analyze the potential of any campaign. It helps you calculate if you can break-even the campaign by inputting some data from your campaign statistics like CPC, offer payout, expense, income, CR. But do remember that you need some conversions first before you use this tool.

When to cut landers: When it comes to optimization, cutting out poor performing landing pages is very important. Some marketers specially newbies find it difficult to analyze the data properly and don’t know when to cut a lander as they lack experience in optimization. That’s where this tool comes handy. It calculates and predicts the best converting landing page for you so that you can cut the poor performing landing page from your campaign and continue with the winning landing page.

Premium Tools

To get your hands on these 2 premium tools you need to be an Affkit premium member. It’s an extended version of Affkit membership and you get these tools along with other resources.

Lander sounds: This tool is really effective in drawing your visitor’s attention. It works on any kind of landing pages. You get to choose from a wide variety of different sounds which you want to play when someone visits your landing pages. It’s simple to use and can increase your CTR and CR instantly.

Landing page protection: The competition is huge in affiliate marketing and you can feel the heat of it whenever you are running any campaign. You will feel cheated when someone copies your hard-work and original creativity and banking on it. But it’s very common in this industry and you can’t do much to change it. The only thing you can do is protect your landing page. This tool encrypts your landing page code and doesn’t allow others to copy and modify your landing page. It’s the best tool to keep you ahead of your competition. I use it myself for all of my landing pages.

Affkit Price

The front-end price of Affkit toolkit is $49.95. You will receive 19 awesome Affkit tools with this package. It’s a one-time payment and you will get access to these amazing tools for lifetime.

Affkit premium: The premium membership includes 2 additional premium tools (lander sound & landing page protection) along with the 19 standard tools. Pre-made landing page templates and other resources are included in this premium package. The premium version will cost you $47.00 but if you choose to just go with the premium tools excluding landing page templates and resources then it would cost you just $27.00.

Private Training: This is an upgrade for Affkit members with private training on how to use the Affkit tools. The resources in this membership have video and PDF documents. Added bonuses included are real life examples and case-studies. Price of this membership is $67.00. However, if you plan just to stick with just the case-studies then it would just cost you $37.00.

Commercial License: If you plan on reselling this product to your clients or friends, then you can do so by purchasing the commercial license. It will allow reselling it to 10 customers. Price of 10 accounts would cost you $97.00 & 5 accounts would cost you $67.00.

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Note: Affkit is sold out. Please subsribe for further update.

Final Conclusion

At the end of this Affkit Review I would just like to say that you won’t get so many awesome tools at such cheap price. If you are still in doubt then let me remind you that Affkit has a 30 days money-back guarantee and you can make full use of it. If you are not satisfied with the product then you ask for a refund and you will get it without any questions being asked. That’s the kind of confidence Oliver & William has on their product and so do I.

As I have said on several occasions that buying DOJO was my best investment in affiliate marketing because Affkit was a part of DOJO back then. You will share the same opinion when you will use it. It will be your best affiliate marketing investment ever. So grab it before the price goes up.

If you have any question or opinion, then please leave a comment. 🙂
~ To your success

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