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Adcombo CPA Network Review – New Innovative CPA Network

Adcombo CPA Network

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Adcombo CPA Network Review
Offers 9.6
Tracking 9.2
Payout 10
Support 10
9.7 Great New Network
Adcombo is a great new innovative CPA network. They have really friendly and helpful affiliate managers (AM) who work closely with both the publishers and advertisers. Provide the best payout rates with high converting offers and landing pages.

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Well, getting straight to the point, this review will be on the Adcombo CPA Network. Adcombo stands out pretty well in the midst of so many CPA networks. Adcombo practices new innovative way of confirming a lead, which you can’t find in other CPA networks. Also, ensuring the publisher receives the highest payout in the industry by cutting out the middle man and working directly with the advertisers.

Before getting into detailed Adcombo review & workflow about how Adcombo works, let’s have a sneak peak about the company’s bio.

Little Info About Adcombo CPA Network

Adcombo was founded in January, 2014 and their primary office is located in the United Kingdom. They have spent more than a year in private mode, testing everything before making their network open for public. A group of highly talented people works on Adcombo who works very closely with both the advertisers and the publishers.

Adcombo Affiliate Network Details

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How Adcombo Works

Unlike other CPA networks, Adcombo works directly with advertisers. Except the top rated CPA networks, most of the CPA networks has Re-brokering CPA offers. This simply means that those CPA networks get access to those offers from other CPA/affiliate network. It has its own disadvantages and the most highlighting one is lower pay rates. You might think, it’s not a good thing, but the truth is that it is very common in this industry.

Conventional Scheme of Affiliate Marketing

Image Source: Adcombo Blog

Re-brokering Affiliate Scheme

Image Source: Adcombo Blog

Adcombo is working directly with the advertisers, cutting out the middle man just like other top rated networks. As a result, they can offer best pay rates for its offers to its publishers. So, you can always expect good conversion rates and better payout from this network.

Quick Publisher Account Approval

One of the biggest hurdle most newbies faces is getting accepted into a network. Even experienced marketers have to wait for a long time to get accepted in some networks. This is due to huge numbers of application they receive, their selection process and the number of staffs handling it. The waiting time can sometimes go up to a week long.

Adcombo took special measures to cut short the account approval time for publishers. There is absolutely no need to wait for a week to get your accounts approved. You can get your account approved in less than 24 working hours, which is very fast in my opinion but only if you answer all the questions correctly in your application form. Moreover, if you are an Affiliatefix member, then you can get in touch with Adcombo affiliate managers and get your publisher account approved even faster. Adcombo affiliate managers are very active on AffiliateFix forum, so you can expect a fast reply.

Even though their approval process is fast, but you still need to meet their requirements to get approved on their network. They are a transparent CPA network, so they will expect transparency from your end too. Tell them honestly about your working experience as a CPA marketer and the methods you will use to promote their offers. This is the basic requirement which you will need to answer on every network. If you are a newbie, then there is no shame as everybody starts at some point of time. Just be honest on every network you apply.

Adcombo Team

Behind the success of every marketer, affiliate managers from CPA networks do play a good role. They steer publishers in the right direction by suggesting the best converting offers, helps marketers to get a payout bump and opening high converting private offers if they seem fit. But there are many CPA networks whose affiliate managers really don’t help their publishers much, very late in responding and it is really annoying to wait for your questions to be answered. I had such experience with one top rated CPA network and I had to wait at least a week to get answers to my simple queries. The other networks I have worked with, including Adcombo have good affiliate managers who are helpful, friendly and always reply fast.

Image Source: Adcombo

With Adcombo, every publisher is assigned a personal affiliate manager. They are very friendly, try to help the best they can and try to answer as soon as they can. You can get in touch with them via email, Skype or also through support tickets available on publisher dashboard. I still recall my first interaction with one Adcombo affiliate manager. It was a very long chat and he has answered all my queries patiently, knowing that I wasn’t a publisher that time. I have joined one month later. So far my experience with Adcombo has been brilliant.

Adcombo Offers

Offer selection plays a huge role in a marketer’s success. Wrong offer selection can be a disaster, ending up losing your advertisement money and wasting your time on a non-profitable campaign. Nice words said by Adcombo in this regard:

A Good Offer Is A Half Of Your Success ~ Source: Adcombo Blog

As said earlier, Adcombo has been testing everything to make it a better network including offers and geo location. Conversional format for its offers are CPL (Cost per lead), CPS (Cost per sale), CPI (Cost per install) and Cash on delivery. They have introduced something new and unique which you have never seen before. For the majority of the offers on Adcombo, the payout for the order is confirmed by the call-centers and the order form is only 2 lines. That’s the reason I prefer to call it a new innovative CPA network.

Adcombo has around 486 high converting offers at the time of review. They also have good mobile offers too. It has offers on all the categories and supporting 4 conversion type (CPL, CPS, CPI, Cash on delivery). The publisher dashboard is pretty user friendly and finding offers is really easy. You can search any offer based on your filters like Country, Category, Traffic type allowed & Conversion type.

You can also see the epc, payout, country, traffic source & categories for each offer on offers listing. You can also organize the offer listing based on ascending or descending EPC to choose the best performing offer. The best part is that Adcombo offers the best payout for its offers, since they work directly with the advertisers.

When it comes to promoting any offer, pre lander becomes a very important part of the campaign as everything depends on it along with the offer. It is very easy to attract user’s attention and convey a powerful message through pre-landers because of which the visitor’s take action and a conversion occur whether it is a sale/lead/install. For expert affiliates it’s quite easy to create their own landers, but for newbies it’s like a nightmare. They find themselves lost in the midst of everything and have no clue on how to code or design a winning pre-lander for the offers they are promoting and make their campaign profitable. Almost every offer on Adcombo has several in-house pre-landers designed and translated by Adcombo’s professional designing and translating team.

With so much help and support, anybody can make money with Adcombo. You can take advantage of the pre-built landers & excellent high converting offers with higher payouts.

Adcombo Geos

Adcombo has offers from all over the world and accepts traffic from Europe, Asia, South and Latin America. They focus more on non-competitive geos, which has huge potentials and are un-saturated, giving publishers the benefit of earning more with less competition. Most of the networks have more offers on competitive Tier 1 & Tier 2 countries and few offers for Tier 3 countries which have huge potentials. But Adcombo has good offers on all geos, specially the non-competitive Tier 2 & Tier 3 countries, so that their publisher can make the most out of the network. An affiliate love to work on niches and goes which has less competition and when a CPA network aids you with offers on those then you are already a gainer.

Other Features Of Adcombo

The publisher dashboard interface is really cool and easy to use. Adcombo provides real time tracking and statistics without any delay. The statistics on Adcombo is little different from other networks because most of the offers on Adcombo converts on “Cash-on-delivery” conversion type. So if a conversion occurs when an order is placed and then it first goes on hold, when the order is successfully delivered it becomes a lead and if the order gets canceled then it goes to the cancel in the reporting. The image below will make it easy for you to understand it better.

Apart from the basic features like all other CPA networks, you get an additional feature “Instruments”. With the instrument tool, you can set rotators for any offers based on the country. You can add your own prelanders for any offers, get it approved and can use it for the offer and Adcombo’s in-built tracking system. If you are planning to translate any pre-lander from one language to another, then you can order translation from this tool. Translation guidelines and rules are mentioned on the tool page.


My experience as a publisher after joining Adcombo has been great and very pleasant. Before joining any new network, I always check out their reviews, the offer they have along with their payout & their affiliate manager’s responsiveness.

You can always check any networks rating and details on Affpaying. For Adcombo you can find it here.

Please share your experience with Adcombo by commenting. It’s always a pleasure hearing others experience.

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