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Ad-Center Review – Newest Opti-CPA Network

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Ad-Center Review

Review by ANC
Offers 8
Tracking 8
Payout 9
Support 9.8
Ad-Center is a great Opti-CPA Network which allows affiliates to make tons of money through their top converting high paying offers. If you haven't joined them yet, then join them.
Here I am back again with a new CPA network review. I always suggest the best to my readers and want them to make more money. Whenever I come across a reliable CPA network I try to share it with my readers by doing an honest review about it.

Here we will look and learn more about a new Opti-CPA network Ad-Center. Before going into detailed Ad-Center review, we will have a quick look at the company bio information like always. It really helps us to get a complete view of the company with which we are either working or planning to work.

Ad-Center Company Bio

Ad-Center is a Canada based company with its head office in Montreal, Quebec. Ad-center is a brand powerhouse in the streaming CPA space. Ad-Center was founded on October 16, 2012.

In existence for over 6 years, Ad-Center has been leading affiliate program for Video-On-Demand offers. From early days they have been dedicated to helping their clients: publishers, affiliates, and webmasters to monetize their webspace in the following verticals: Games, Movies, Music, Books, and Software.

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Ad-Center Network Features

Here are some of the highlighting Ad-Center CPA network features:

  • Create your own campaigns and generate your ads
  • Comparative data analysis to track growth and trends
  • Up to date reporting with live stats: breakdowns by keywords, campaign, country
  • Comprehensive reporting system so you can optimize your earnings
  • Downtime compensation guaranteed
  • Up to 57$ CPA
  • 10% Lifetime Referral Bonuses
  • Exclusive offers
  • 24/7 dedicated affiliate managers
Every network has special features and Ad-Center is no different. There are so many points to talk about but the most highlighting features are the ones mentioned above. Affiliate can create and generate their own ads.

Ad-Center provides the best quality offers which have really high payout and it can go up to $57 per CPA. They also have their own in-house tracking platform so that affiliates can get a comprehensive and detailed report.

Apart from all these features mentioned above affiliates can also make more money by referring their friends and enjoy 10% of their lifetime income. When compared to other affiliate networks, 10% referral commissions is really good. From experience, I have noticed that networks will pay around 5% referral commissions. Imagine, you have a friend who has a good movie blog and will make $1000 every month. If you are the one to refer your friend to Ad-Center, you can make free $100/month. Just for having good friends.

Ad-Center has a very dedicated support system & affiliate managers and they are available 24/7 to help affiliates solve all their queries and maximize their revenue.

If you looking to make some serious money using this network then join by clicking below..

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Getting Started With Ad-Center

Joining Ad-Center is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Just fill in the details and proceed to the next step.

Fill in your personal and required details. Provide your promotional methods very clearly for easy approval of accounts. Select the kinds of media you want to promote and proceed to the next step.

This is the part where you choose the method by which you want to get paid. They have many options; choose the one which suits your needs.

After you are done completing all the 3 steps, you will receive confirmation mail about successful registration and your account is awaiting approval. An affiliate manager will contact you to verify the details and your affiliate account will be approved.

Ad-Center Affiliate Dashboard

Ad-Center has a very user-friendly dashboard and easy to navigate affiliate panel. Once your account is approved, you can login and check your affiliate panel. On the top-bar menu, you can find all the options related to your affiliate account. Kindly refer to the image below for better understanding.

The default home option shows the live stats earnings made by :

  1. Your own campaigns
  2. Your Referrals

Beside the home option, there is an option named manage campaigns where the affiliate can create their campaigns and generate ads. Please refer to the images below to get a better understanding of how the campaign is created and ads are generated.

You can name and create your campaign in the first step. After that, you can modify your campaign and generate your ad by clicking on the campaign name. Select the offer which suits your site or your needs. Ad-Center gives you the ability to preview each and every offer they have.

After selecting the offer you need to select the ad type like banner/popunder/rich media etc. Once you are done, you can simply copy the code which is provided in the option 8 and paste it on your site or if you are planning to run it on paid traffic, then simply copy the text link which is provided in the option 3. It’s very simple and easy to understand settings. If you get stuck anywhere, you can ask for assistance from your AM or support team.

The final option in the dashboard menu is Performance reports. Affiliates can get the detailed report and live statistics here. Ad-Center has their own in-house tracking programs and affiliates can break down the report by campaign, ad unit, browser, day, country, OS, program, ad group & sub campaign. Affiliates can also download their report to further analyze data and fine-tune their campaigns.

Ad-Center Verticals

Sports Landing Page

Games Landing Page

Movies Landing Page

Software Landing Page

Books Landing Page

Music Landing Page

All the contents are 100% licensed and exclusive to the Ad-Center network. So if you are working in these niches then you can surely find Ad-Center very helpful and make more money with those top converting offers.

Ad-Center Offers

Here is a sneak peek of how Ad-Center offers look like. Below is an image which shows the preview of some offers and CPA per geo. If you want more details about the offers and its payout then simply ask it from your AM and they will assist you with that.

How To Make Money With Ad-Center

Making money with Ad-Center is very easy.

Here are three ways you can make money using their network:

  1. If you already have a site on niches like music, movies, games, sports, software then you can make a ton of cash from top converting high payout offers of Adcenter. Simply join Ad-Center, create your ad campaign, get your targeted ads and paste the correct ad codes to your site and convert your traffic into $$$.
  2. If you don’t have any sites in those niches then also you can make good money with Ad-Center. All you need to do is follow the exact same steps like creating ad campaign and generating your ad and simple push paid traffic to those ads. Once they have started converting, start optimizing and scaling them to other traffic sources.
  3. You can also make money by referring your friends and can enjoy 10% of their income for lifetime. They also have tier 2 level referral incomes where you can enjoy 3% of the income when someone is referred by your referral.

Final Conclusion

Here coming to an end of the review. I would suggest this network to anyone who is working on those verticals. If you have a site, then it’s an added bonus. You can earn big from your traffic and can get up to $57 per CPA depending on the offer and GEO. You can also make money using paid traffic or by referring others. The amount you will make is completely up to you and how much effort you put in. If you are interested in Ad-Center, then join by clicking the link below.

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